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3-Phase Power Calculator

Calculate power (in watts) of a 3-phase motor from horsepower, voltage and generator sizing.

An easy way to obtain the power of a 3-phase motor


The power formula of a 3-phase motor is as follows:

Power = √3 x Power factor x Amps x Voltage

To find the power factor and the amps, kW must first be determined by dividing the horsepower by 1.341. Then, divide the result by the generator sizing (kVA) to obtain the power factor.

If the generator sizing is in kW, convert it to kVA by dividing by 0.8.

To obtain the amps, convert kilowatts to watts by multiplying kW by 1000 and divide by the voltage.

The resulting value of the power formula is represented in watts. To convert to kilowatts, simply divide by 1000.


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