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After Hours Support

We know that motors don't just run 9-5. Neither do we.

35% of our orders are placed after hours. Maintenance professionals, contractors, and purchasers don't always operate during regular business hours. We're here to support you when you need us.

Take full advantage of our after-hours support. Anytime. Anywhere.

Services Included in After Hours Support

Live chat

Talk with our live chat support every day of the week. Initiate a live chat by clicking the online chat window in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Place an order anytime, anywhere. Find your motor by using the motor specification search tool, the search engine at the top of the page, or by navigating through our motor categories.

Motor Categories

Custom orders

Initiate a custom motor order any time, anywhere. For more details, visit our custom motors page here:

Click here

Local pickup

Where: We distribute from over 30 warehouses across Canada. Most motor inventory is within the Edmonton and Toronto areas, although we ship out of warehouses in British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec as well. Our manufacturer partners do offer emergency pick up services for a minimum fee of $250. Fees and wait times will fluctuate during statutory holidays and depend on the manufacturer.

Wait Times: Once the request is initiated, we'll contact our manufacturers to confirm the product's location. If your product is available in your area, we'll respond once we have confirmation. This process may take a few hours, depending on the manufacturer. We'll arrange a local pick up during a predetermined scheduled time.

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