Brook Crompton

Brook Crompton is a prominent brand in Canada, with distribution centres in Toronto, Ontario. The brand was founded in the UK over 60 years ago and offers farming motors, NEMA explosion proof, brake motors, and general-purpose AC motors.

Typically, motors will be delivered to postal codes in Canada within 1-5 business days. 

Brook Crompton Motors was originally founded in the UK and the motors are now manufactured in Poland and China. 

Brook Crompton Electric Motors offers an extensive line of motors, including:  

  1. General-purpose single-phase motors  
    1. C face and foot mount options  
    2. Class F installation  
    3. Service factor of 1.15  
  2. Farming motors  
    1. IP54  
    2. High starting torque  
    3. Shielded bearings 
  3. NEMA explosion proof  
    1. IP55 
    2. Service factor of 1.25  
    3. 3-year warranty  
  4. Brake motors  
    1. NEMA frames 56-215T 
    2. IEC frames 71-132L  

Motors are offered in fractional up to 300 horsepower.  

Brook Crompton was founded in 1960 and has a long history in the global industrial market, selling within Canada for over 50 years. The first North American distribution centre was in Toronto, Ontario. They have a rich history, originating from the merger of several renowned UK motor companies, including Brook Motors and Crompton Parkinson. Their history dates back as far as 1878, making Brook Crompton a pioneer in industrial electric motors. Their motors are used in various industries such as mining, water treatment, and manufacturing; powering equipment like fans, pumps, and conveyors. 


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