Control Techniques

A leading manufacturer of VFDs, DC variable speed drives, servo drives and servo motors, and power conversion technologies.

Starting in 1972, Control Techniques has gone through a name change and an eventual acquisition by Nidec in 2017. The two companies joined forces to combine the innovative, reliable, and intelligent drives of Control Techniques with the technologically advanced, energy-efficient motors of Nidec. Advancing technology and improving efficiency, reliability, and performance is the focus of the two brands as they move forward with their partnership.

Control Techniques was born out of a need to fill a hole in the market, and they continue to investigate new ways to solve problems with each application of their drives. This problem-solving ability gave them the chance to invent the first intelligent drive that can run open-loop, closed-loop, and servo, the Unidrive VFD. Improving systems is just what Control Techniques does.

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