The Genteq ECM technology (electronically commutated motors) was introduced by Regal-Beloit in 1987. They have now been the industry leader in electric ECM motors for over 30 years, changing the HVAC industry with their incredible efficiency and unmatched performance.

The Genteq ECM motors are most often found in indoor and outdoor residential HVAC systems, in air conditioning systems, heating systems, heat pumps, and air handling units. These ECM furnace motors are best known for their efficiency ratings, variable speed capability, and low operating noise.

Genteq works towards saving their customers money by creating a minimal inventory burden. “With just 3 Genteq® Evergreen® motors on the truck, you could replace up to 32 of the most common HVAC ratings for indoor blower motors and outdoor fan motors.”

Simplify your inventory with eMotors Direct and Genteq.

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