Custom Gearbox Builder

We created an advanced robust gearbox builder to making the perfect gearbox simple.
With 5 easy-to-follow steps, you can create the exact gearbox you need.

Assembled by eMotors Direct with Browning gearbox components.

How does this work?

The Gearbox Builder was built with simplicity in mind. It asks simple questions in a logical order and then uses those answers to do all the complicated algorthims to determine what parts are needed to build the gearbox that fits your criteria.


What is your input?

A gearbox reduces the speed and increases the torque of a motor, but in order to achieve the desired output, we first need to know our input.

If you already have a motor, select gearbox only and proceed to step 2b

Alternatively, if you need a motor, you can choose either the Motor + Gearbox or Gearmotor + Gearbox options, proceed to step 2a


Choosing a motor

Browse through our list and add the motor suited for your needs.

Proceed to step 3


Input motor specs

We gotta know what we working with. We start with the input. You can search our database for your motor OR you can fill in the specs needed.

Proceed to step 3


What is your desired output?

Now that we know our input, we want to know our output. The two main criteria are:

  • Ratio (Output RPM)

    How much you want to reduce your RPM by. Ratio is measure between Input RPM and desired output RPM

  • Service Factor

    How long do you need to run the motor for.

Proceed to step 4


How is the motor mounted?

Now that we know our input and output. How does it fit? How is it going to be mounted?

Depending on the configration up to this point, the options would vary based on the frame of the motor and gearbox. Pick from the mounting options that best suits your setup.

Proceed to step 5


Need any other Extras?

Almost there. If there are any other additional features, you can select from the list of features. If not, click Build and see your final gearbox design.

Proceed to step 6


Final Design

We've got all the information we need to build your gearbox to your specifications. There is a summary of all the specifications you desire. If any of these aren't correct, go back and revise.

If everything is correct, then simply click Add to Cart and proceed to checkout (or continue shopping)