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Cable Sizing Calculator

Calculate cable sizing from wire type, distance, voltage, amperage and wire temperature.

An easy way to obtain the cable size


Type of wire: Choose "In Conduit" for any type of rigid or flexible conduit. A "Cabtire (single phase)" assumes 2 current carrying conductors, and a "Cabtire (3 phase)" assumes 3 current carrying conductors.

Distance (m): The total distance required from the source to the equipment in metres.

Voltage: The voltage of the equipment. The voltage makes a big difference, as higher voltages allow for greater distances on the same size of conductor.

Amperage: The amperage value indicated should be 1.25 times the nameplate amperage, as motor conductors should be sized at 125% of rated amp draw. For one or more motors on the same cable, the rating is 125% of the highest amperage, and then 100% of the rest.

Wire Temperature: Most supply conductors will be rated at 90C, so choose the 85-90C option if unsure of the temperature rating.

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