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KB Electronics specializes in the design and manufacturing of small DC Drives, VFDs, and AC Motor Fan Speed Controls. This reputable brand is well known for the simple yet reliable small motor drives. KB Electronics are an ideal option for applications with low power, cost sensitive, and smaller-scale requirements.

Ranging from fractional to 5 horsepower, these drives can be found in HVAC, industrial automation, material handling, and more. They are designed to control the speed and torque of AC and DC motors for different purposes.

These drives are especially easy to set up due to their user-friendly interface and straight forward functionality.

With an unwavering dedication to swift delivery, eMotors Direct offers rapid shipping options from warehouses across Canada. Delve into the extensive selection of KB Electronics drives and discover the optimal solution for your industrial needs right here. With an experienced technical support team, eMotors Direct is proud to offer unparalled, personalized product support.

KB Electronics DC Drives

DC drives can be used to control the torque and speed of a DC motor. They can also be used to convert AC power to DC power to run a DC motor. These drives can be customized for OEM's but is already ready to use as-is.

KB electronics offers a wide range of DC drives, however, the most popular are the KBRC, KBIC, KBWD, and KBCC.

  • The KBRC series is housed in a NEMA 4x / IP65 washdown and watertight enclosure. This drive is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and is designed for motors ranging from 1/100 - 2 horsepower. This model comes in black (8840) and white (8841). The white model is FDA approved, which is ideal for food manufacturing applications.
  • The KBIC series is rated for 1/100 - 3 horsepower and this series consists of 6 models. These are ideal for low turn-down ratios, with a speed range of 50:1.
  • The KBWD is a low-cost solution for PWM control applications. 
  • The KBCC series is a sturdy option with a robust design, rated for 1 1/2 - 5 horsepower. These are a great way to prevent motor overload, as the TCL circuitry helps prevent motor burnout.

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KB Electronics VFDs

These drives can help eliminate winding and bearing failure and offer speed and torque control for AC motors. These drives are low-cost but quite versatile. KB offers a wide range of variable speed drives, however, the most popular are the KBAC and KBDA. Both models are NEMA 4x / IP 65, ranging from 1-10 horsepower. Because of the aluminum enclosure, these are great options for washdown applications, such as food manufacturing. Both drives are digital with an analog interface.

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KB Electronics Fan Speed Control

These wall mount speed controls allow for AC motor fan control. Key features include an on/off switch, noise suppression, and a flame-retardant enclosure. These are ideal for ceiling fans and industrial blowers.

KB Electronics Distributor

eMotors Direct stocks the most popular products for the KB Electronics catalogue in Edmonton, Alberta. These motors controls can be shipped throughout Canada, delivering to almost every postal code by air or ground freight.

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