Ratio Multiplier

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eMotors Direct’s stock of ratio multipliers are designed with dual purpose in mind. They can be used alone as an inline reducer or paired with a C-faced right angle gear reducer to create high gearing ratios for your application. The ratio multiplier is bolted between the motor and the gear reducer or as a compact replacement for the gear reducer. Their purpose is to increase output torque or reduce the motor’s output speed.

Our ratio multiplier category covers a selection of gearing units from Canada’s top gearing brand, Grove Gear. Choose from housing material options like aluminum for lightweight and paint free applications, stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and cast iron. Select from input HP options from 2.33 up to 12.98, c-face and shaft input types, and gearing ratios from 2:1 up to 7.538:1. All SKUs come factory filled with premium Mobil® lubricant, Viton® double lip seals, and helical gearing for optimal efficiency.

Shop ratio multipliers online through our Canadian website today. With over 120 SKUs and convenient filtering options, you can easily find the gearing solution you’re searching for.

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