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Future Of eCommerce

eMotors Direct is here to serve the electric motor community.

Who Are We?

The Cross-section of Innovation, Community and Commerce is an innovative, cloud-based eCommerce company that helps businesses get operations up and running as fast as possible.

As motor experts in the industry for over 40 years, we understand the criticality of downtime for a business. Every hour is potential profit lost. This is where we can help.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta we help businesses all over Canada and US find the exact motor, part or accessory they need and ship it to them as quickly as possible.

The motor industry has been stagnant the way it does business. Phoning it in, hopping from shop to shop looking for a replacement, or requesting quotes from three distributes is very inefficient. We are here to solve that problem. Whether you are looking for more information about your motor or need a replacement, we provide the ultimate convenience to find the answers.

Mission Statement

Bridging the Gap
and Connecting Businesses

Eliminate boundaries and bring forth the best the industry has to offer within reach of everyone.

Market Opportunities

B2B Continue to outpace B2C

As B2B e-commerce has evolved and continues to experience rapid growth, Google explains that a major reason for this trend is millennials and their influence within the buying process. Manufacturing industries & MRO continue to recognize the financial impact that allowing customers to buy online can have. According to Forbes, spending on B2B e-commerce platform technologies continue to outpace the B2C e-commerce market by over 200%.

B2B buyers identify the ease that comes from making their daily B2C purchases online. They are starting to expect this same experience while shopping for their business needs as well. Now is the time to make the commitment and invest in B2B e-commerce. Following are some of the predictions for growth:

  • Internet Retailer: Predicts that by 2019 the U.S. B2B e-Commerce market will be worth $1.1T compared to the B2C market at $480B.
  • Business 2 Community: Stated that 85% of B2B companies recognize that digital commerce is an important revenue opportunity that they are not yet fully utilizing. They pointed out that 46% of manufacturers say e-commerce will be their primary sales channel by 2020.
  • Practical E-commerce: Explains that by navigating customers to an online e-commerce environment, B2B companies can substantially decrease sales costs by as much as 90 percent.
  • In a survey of B2B decision maker’s worldwide eMarketer found that 55% of respondents, at companies considered leaders in customer experience, said e-commerce was a digital investment area that was critically important for sales.

A study done by Heinz and SnapApp clearly shows that millennial B2B buyers aren’t just coming, they are here.

  • 41% of millennials are making purchasing decisions.
  • 38% are tasked with researching purchases.
  • 82% are part of the buying committee in some capacity.

Furthermore, millennials shop differently than their generational peers. This study found:

  • Millennial buyers are far more independent than Generation X or baby boomers when they decide to purchase. They conduct extensive research on their own before making any purchasing decisions.
  • Millennial buyers are more likely to rely on the opinions of peers or outside experts than to trust a salesperson. They actively avoid engaging with sales early on; nearly 60 percent say they don’t engage with a salesperson until they’re in the middle of a purchasing decision.

The Motor Industry is in need for an Upgrade.

The business of electric motors have remain relatively unchanged in the last 30 years. And there are many gaps in its current state.

  • There is no centralized comprehensive database to find the information you need on products or processes
  • Information is still conveyed over phones and is limited by regions
  • Turn around time of products are lagging taking 2-3 weeks to get a business back up and running.

Core Business Strategy

Enabling the Businesses to Succeed

  • Having the most comprehensive Electric Motor Database on the internet, where information about any motor can be found.

  • Being the Supplier of the Internet in our field. Getting them exactly what they want as soon as Possible.

  • Innovative in Technology advancing the buying experience online, making it intuitive and simple to use on a computer, but even more so on mobile.

The Team

Chris Beaton

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

A 20 year veteran of the Electric Motor Industry, Chris saw the need to bring this into 21st century with a best in class eCommerce store. His ability to set up a team and get the key distribution partnerships as well as investors were critical milestones to establishing our competitive advantage. His forward-thinking, unwavering leadership is why eMotors Direct exist.

Wei Tsen BComm

Chief Operating Officer

With expertise working with small and large companies as well as in eCommerce, Wei hones his focus on innovation and optimization. His leadership connecting both end users and the developers creates the glue that unifies the comapny. Wei stands at the intersect of business and technology, the apex where the grand vision is created.

Andrey Wischneski

Chief Technology Officer

Mastery of code and intuitive problem solver, Andrey is a Full Stack Developer that uses every tech at his disposal. His years of programming and passion to make the best products possible pushes the boundaries of innovation. His work is the foundation upon which eMotors Direct is built on.

Competitive Advantage

Nationwide Dropshipping

This is perhaps one of our biggest advantages. we utilize the manufacturers warehouses throughout Canada and US to ship orders to our clients. Having the nationwide presence allowing quick turnaround, anywhere in Canada.

This also gives us an advantage in that we do not operate with a huge inventory, many physical warehouses or labour, and yet we are still able to service the industry countrywide.

We receive cash and deliver our products before we pay for them.

Catalog Size

We aim to build the largest comprehensive motor database on the internet. Gathering both information of current offerings as well as legacy data.

Also with our dropshipping model we have can list the entire catalog of products from our vendors.

Intelligent eCommerce Search

We built an intuitive search that presents the user with the most relevant results. Whether it be a direct match, or matching specifications. We combine motor knowledge with technology to implement the most intuitive product search geared towards the product class.

We look not only at specs of existing models, but of legacy and discontinued products as well. Recommending the equivalent match of the current generation.

We have access to:
10,000+ products
20 major brands
30 warehouses
All over Canada
and Growing

Our Brand Partners

Partnering directly with the manufacturers gives us a competitive advantage that many smaller companies are not able to achieve. We have access to the best pricing, the entire catalog, as well as the warehouse locations situated throughout Canada and US.

Our Catalog

We currently have over 10,000 products available for sale on our eCommerce platform, consisting of Electric Motors, Gear Reducers, Controls, Motor Parts and Accessories. With our partnerships we have direct access to 20 major brands from 7 of the largest motor manufacturers in Canada, giving us a wide range of products.

With access to 30 warehouses located throughout Canada, we can offer a guaranteed delivery time of under 6 business days (1-3 in most cases). This is critical for customers that need to minimize downtime.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Largest Historical Database of Motors

eMotors Direct strives to be the main go to website for all the information, from manuals, drawings, specifications, case studies, how-tos, and any other information available.

Comprehensive related parts and accessories

We not only cover the electric motors and gearboxes. We also have the controls, and accessories that completes your systems or repair it.

Cross Reference

We have a database that can cross reference any electric motor that has been manufactured in the last 20 years and find the perfect match.

Legacy Cross

We’ve built a system that lets our customers search our database of over 100,000 SKUs to find their old legacy products and match it to a direct cross with today’s latest premium efficient models.

Live Inventory Numbers

We've built a custom solution that enables us to pull inventory numbers from our vendor's warehouses and use that to show customers what is readily available and where to expect it.

Custom Gearbox Builder

A process that usually takes several hours to configure. eMotors Direct has created a easy-to-use web interface that builds the perfect gearbox in minutes.


Our eCommerce Platform is built upon the enterprise grade ERP system NetSuite, which integrates with 3rd party apps/software and is the center of our operations. We’ve also created custom applications which utilize the latest technologies (such as Docker, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, ReactJs, Relay Modern, GraphQL, BackboneJs, JQuery, and others) to build custom code on AWS that integrates with NetSuite for all the functionality in our webstore.

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