TECO-Westinghouse CJM04045

TECO Westinghouse · Optim JM/JP Close Coupled Pump
40 HP 1800 324JM TEFC 575V Pump
Catalog Number: CJM04045
Alternative Number: AEEAJM 40-4-575-T, JMN04045
Cast Iron
C-Face / Rigid


The Optim® JM is a state-of-the-art motor designed for commercial and industrial close coupled pump applications.

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TECO Westinghouse: Optim JM/JP Close Coupled Pump (160)

CJP0012513600575V143JP $437.36
CJP0014511800575V143JP $503.96
CJP1/5451 1/21800575V145JP $569.56
CJP1/5251 1/23600575V143JP $570.56
CJP0024521800575V145JP $609.32
CJP0022523600575V145JP $614.29
CJP0016511200575V145JP $625.23
CJP1/5651 1/21200575V182JP $682.88
CJP0034531800575V182JP $686.85
CJP0032533600575V182JP $692.82
CJP0026521200575V184JP $770.35
CJP0054551800575V184JP $774.33
CJP0052553600575V184JP $823.03
CJP0036531200575V213JP $1,081.47
CJP7/5257 1/23600575V213JP $1,099.36
CJP7/5457 1/21800575V213JP $1,123.22
CJP01025103600575V215JP $1,317.05
CJP0056551200575V215JP $1,331.96
CJP01045101800575V215JP $1,366.75
CJP01545151800575V254JP $1,768.33
CJP01525153600575V254JP $1,802.12
CJP7/5657 1/21200575V254JP $1,869.71
CJP01065101200575V256JP $2,291.17
CJP02045201800575V256JP $2,295.15
CJP02025203600575V256JP $2,306.08
CJP02545251800575V284JP $2,872.66
CJP02525253600575V284JP $2,906.46
CJP01565151200575V284JP $2,983.99
CJP04045401800575V324JP $3,275.23
CJP04025403600575V324JP $3,297.10
CJP02565251200575V324JP $3,359.72
CJP03045301800575V286JP $3,381.59
CJP03025303600575V286JP $3,381.59
CJP02065201200575V286JP $3,734.46
CJP03065301200575V326JP $4,088.32
CJP05045501800575V326JP $4,132.06
CJP0504501800230V, 460V326JP $4,132.06
CJP05025503600575V326JP $4,189.71
CJP0502503600230V, 460V326JP $4,189.71
CJP06045601800575V364JP $6,887.43
CJP0604601800230V, 460V364JP $6,887.43
CJP04065401200575V364JP $6,979.87
CJP06025603600575V364JP $7,178.67
CJP0602603600230V, 460V364JP $7,178.67
CJP05065501200575V365JP $8,622.95
CJP0506501200230V, 460V365JP $8,622.95
CJP07545751800575V365JP $8,738.25
CJP0754751800230V, 460V365JP $8,738.25
CJP07525753600575V365JP $8,995.70
CJP0752753600230V, 460V365JP $8,995.70


The OPTIM JM is designed for commercial and industrial closed coupled pump applications. Couple your OPTIM JM with our TECO VFD’s for energy savings & speed control.


  • Available from 1-50 HP; 2, 4 & 6 Pole
  • Rugged Cast-iron Construction on Frame, End Brackets, and Conduit Box
  • Inverter Duty Speed Range Includes: 10:1 CT and 20:1 VT
  • CSA Certified for Inverter Duty Operation in a Class I, Division II, Groups B, C and D

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