TECO-Westinghouse CJM1/545

TECO Westinghouse · Optim JM
1 1/2 HP 1800 145JM TEFC 575V Pump
Catalog Number: CJM1/545
Alternative Number: AEEAJM 1.5-4-575-T, JMN1/545
1 1/2
Cast Iron
C-Face / Rigid

Product-line overview

Introducing the TECO Westinghouse Optim JM Motor Line, purpose-built for optimal performance in pump applications. With a power range from 1 to 50 HP, this motor line is precisely engineered to meet the diverse demands of pumping systems across industrial settings. Featuring a Totally Enclosed IP54 design, these motors ensure robust protection against environmental elements, provideing longevity and reliability. The horizontal F1 mount enhances versatility, allowing for straightforward installation in various configurations. Operating at 60Hz with voltage options of 230V/460V or 575V, these motors seamlessly adapt to different electrical systems. Offering speeds of 3600, 1800, and 1200 RPM, the Optim JM Motor Line provides flexibility and precision, enabling optimal adaptation to specific pumping requirements. NEMA Premium Efficiency underscores the commitment to energy-conscious operation, making the TECO Westinghouse Optim JM Motor Line a trusted and high-performance choice for pump applications.

Design Features:

  • 1.15 Service Factor Sine Wave Power; 1.0 Service Factor VFD Power
  • 40˚C Ambient
  • Continuous Duty
  • Max Elevation 3300ft
  • Class F Insulation
  • NEMA Design B or C

Mechanical Features:

  • Shielded Bearings Frames 140JM (2, 4 & 6 Pole) - 280JM (4 & 6 Pole) and Open Bearings with Regreaseable Provisions Frames 280JM (2 Pole), 320JM
  • Polyrex EM Grease in all Regreaseable Bearings, Multemp SRL Grease in Shielded Bearings
  • Aluminum Rotor
  • Cast-Iron Frame and End Brackets
  • Cast-Iron Fan Cover and Terminal Box
  • Non-Sparking Plastic Fan
  • Number of Leads 230/460V: 9 Leads 1-5 HP; 12 Leads 7.5 and Larger; 575V: 3 Leads
  • Solderless Lug Terminals on All Leads
  • Grounding Terminal Inside Main Terminal Box
  • Interchangeable F1 and F2 mounting
  • Paint System: Phenolic Rust Proof Base with Lacquer Top Coat
  • Stainless Steel Nameplate
  • Rubber Flinger on DE Frames 140JM (2, 4 & 6 Pole) - 280JM (4 & 6 Pole); Steel Flinger on Both Ends 280JM (2 Pole), 320JM
  • Phenolic Alkyd Resin Varnish
  • *HPE™ High Pulse Endurance Spike Resistant Wire
  • JM Pump Shaft

Other Features:

  • CSA Certified for Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C & D (Class I, Zone 2, Groups IIB+H2, IIB and IIA)
  • Speed Ranges up to 10:1 CT, and 20:1 VT. Refer to data sheet for rating specific turn down ratios
  • Meets NEMA MG1 Part

Precautions should be taken to eliminate or reduce voltage spikes and shaft currents that may be imposed on the motor by the VFD as stated per NEMA MG1, Part 31.4.4.

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CJM0014511800575V143JM $532.40
CJM0012513600575V143JM $532.40
CJM1/5451 1/21800575V145JM $601.70
CJM1/5251 1/23600575V143JM $602.75
CJM0024521800575V145JM $643.71
CJM0022523600575V145JM $648.96
CJM0016511200575V145JM $660.51
CJM1/5651 1/21200575V182JM $721.41
CJM0034531800575V182JM $725.61
CJM0032533600575V182JM $731.91
CJM0026521200575V184JM $813.82
CJM0054551800575V184JM $818.02
CJM005451800230V, 460V184JM $818.02
CJM0052553600575V184JM $869.47
CJM005253600230V, 460V184JM $869.47
CJM0036531200575V213JM $1,142.50
CJM7/5257 1/23600575V213JM $1,161.40
CJM7/527 1/23600230V, 460V213JM $1,161.40
CJM7/5457 1/21800575V213JM $1,186.60
CJM7/547 1/21800230V, 460V213JM $1,186.60
CJM01025103600575V215JM $1,391.37
CJM0102103600230V, 460V215JM $1,391.37
CJM0056551200575V215JM $1,407.12
CJM005651200230V, 460V215JM $1,407.12
CJM01045101800575V215JM $1,443.87
CJM0104101800230V, 460V215JM $1,443.87
CJM01545151800575V254JM $1,868.11
CJM0154151800230V, 460V254JM $1,868.11
CJM01525153600575V254JM $1,903.81
CJM0152153600230V, 460V254JM $1,903.81
CJM7/5657 1/21200575V254JM $1,975.22
CJM7/567 1/21200230V, 460V254JM $1,975.22
CJM01065101200575V256JM $2,420.46
CJM0106101200230V, 460V256JM $2,420.46
CJM02045201800575V256JM $2,424.66
CJM0204201800230V, 460V256JM $2,424.66
CJM02025203600575V256JM $2,436.21
CJM0202203600230V, 460V256JM $2,436.21
CJM02545251800575V284JM $3,034.76
CJM0254251800230V, 460V284JM $3,034.76
CJM02525253600575V284JM $3,070.46
CJM0252253600230V, 460V284JM $3,070.46
CJM01565151200575V284JM $3,152.37
CJM0156151200230V, 460V284JM $3,152.37
CJM03045301800575V286JM $3,572.41
CJM03025303600575V286JM $3,572.41
CJM0304301800230V, 460V286JM $3,572.41
CJM0302303600230V, 460V286JM $3,572.41
CJM02065201200575V286JM $3,945.19
CJM0206201200230V, 460V286JM $3,945.19


The OPTIM JM is designed for commercial and industrial closed coupled pump applications. Couple your OPTIM JM with our TECO VFD’s for energy savings & speed control.


  • Available from 1-50 HP; 2, 4 & 6 Pole
  • Rugged Cast-iron Construction on Frame, End Brackets, and Conduit Box
  • Inverter Duty Speed Range Includes: 10:1 CT and 20:1 VT
  • CSA Certified for Inverter Duty Operation in a Class I, Division II, Groups B, C and D

OEM Replacement Pump Motor

Many pumps come with a motor pre-installed, so where do you find a replacement when the motor fails? It’s possible to contact the pump OEM and order a replacement, however, you’ll likely find a lower-cost, faster-shipping alternative online, without sacrificing quality. The potential cost savings come from decreasing the number of businesses involved in the motor supply chain and ordering directly from the manufacturer of the motor.

Because of standardized frame sizes, you’ll be able to find a replacement that exactly matches the OEM pump motor specifications. Confirm the below information on the motor nameplate to find a replacement:

  • Horsepower
  • RPM
  • Voltage
  • Frame Size
  • Enclosure
  • Phases
  • Mounting Type

Enter your product specifications on the left side menu on this page to filter your options. This will bring back several options to choose from, with varying prices and lead times.

If you’re unfamiliar with these product specs or need a second set of eyes, contact our expert team for support. We’re available Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm MT by phone or email.

Motors are distributed from Edmonton, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; and Montreal, Quebec. Most pump motors will arrive within 1-5 business days to postal codes in Canada.

Jet Pump Motors

Similar to a jet engine, jet pump motors create large amounts of pressure. This is where the jet pump motor got its name. The pump generates suction to draw fluid into a chamber. A nozzle transforms the pressure into a high-pressure jet, allowing for efficient movement of fluid. These are different than submersible pumps, as the motor and pump are located at the surface, not submersed in fluid.

When searching for a replacement jet pump motor, confirm if your motor is a deep well or shallow well pump. The deep well pump can transport water from depths up to 200 feet. Whereas shallow well pump motors can transport from depths of up to 25 feet.

Keep in mind, a jet motor should never run dry as it could permanently damage the pump.

These are often used in residential pool pumps, industrial pumps, transfer and circulating pumps, and commercial machinery. Baldor, Century, Nidec (also known as US Motors or Emerson Motors), and Marathon manufacturer trusted jet pump motors used across Canada.

P Base / Vertical Motors

Different manufacturers use different nomenclature, but generally a P base motor will indicate a vertical mount pump motor. Because they are vertical, they’re designed to take high axial load but lower radial load. These are commonly used in irrigation pumps and water treatment. WEG offers a wide selection of vertical pump motors, ranging from 1 – 150 horsepower. Baldor vertical pump motors come in 3 –75 horsepower, but custom orders can be built over 2000 horsepower.

Nidec (US Motors) has the largest selection of any brand with both hollow & sold shaft, Medium & high thrust bearings, their range goes from 5 HP – 2000 HP.

Hydraulic Pump Motors

WEG’s hydraulic pump motors come in 5 horsepower, 7.5 horsepower, and 10 horsepower. These motors work with pumps to convert electrical energy into fluid pressure. These are often used for lifting loads in construction, excavating, and manufacturing applications.

Submersible Pump Motors

Baldor’s submersible pump motors are frequently used in wastewater facilities and are built to be completely submerse in liquid. They use the surrounding effluent to cool the motor. They also offer an immersible line of motors, which are designed with a unique seal system. While these motors are not meant to be continually submersed, they are ideal for applications where flooding could occur.

Close Coupled Pump Motors

What is a close coupled motor? The motor shaft and pump are rigidly connecting in a case. The casing is connected directly to the motor. Vs a frame mounted motor where the motor and pump are mounted on a common base plate, which are most common in higher horsepower applications. The close-coupled option is easier to install because the shaft and casing do not need to be aligned. Its design is compact, making it ideal for a confined plant room. Because an additional coupling does not need to be purchased, this is a lower cost option. However, there is a higher risk of motor damage if the pump seal fails. These pump motors are commonly used in transporting water and hazardous chemicals.

Close coupled pump motors may be categorized as JP or JM. The ‘J’ indicates close coupled and the second letter indicates the type of seal. A JP seal is a packing seal and a JM seal is a mechanical seal. These are not interchangeable so ensure you’ve confirmed which type of seal you need for your pump.

We distribute reputable motor brands including Baldor, Century, Marathon, and WEG, which are all stocked in Canada.

Electrical Data
Rated Motor Output Power
1 1/2 HP
1.12 kW
Rated Motor Speed
1800 RPM
Rated Motor Voltage
Rated Motor Current
1.7 AMP
Locked Rotor Current
16 AMP
Fl Current @ 208V
Service Factor
KVA Code
Nominal Efficiency
Nominal Power Factor
Leads (Qty, Size)
60 Hz
Start Capacitor
Run Capacitor
VFD (S.F. 1.0)
Variable Torque
Constant Torque
General Data
C-Face / Rigid
Number of Speeds
1 Speed
Approximate Weight
Double Drilled
Frame Material
Cast Iron
NEMA Design
Degree of Protection (IP)
Insulation Class
Conduit Box Location
Removable Feet
Ambient Temp
-40 to 40 °C
Full Load Temperature Rise
Full Load Temp Rise
Temp Code
Mechanical Data
DE Bearing
NDE Bearing
Shaft Diameter
1.00" (0.875")
Shaft Length
Grease Type
Multemp SRL
Hazardous Locations
CSA Certified
Class I, Div 2, Groups B, C & D
Temp Code (Sine Wave Power)
Temp Code (VFD Power)
Additional Information
Agency Approvals
Country of Origin

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