TECO-Westinghouse XH20065R

TECO Westinghouse · Optim TEXP
200 HP 1200 449T TEFC-XP 575V Explosion Proof
Catalog Number: XH20065R
Alternative Number: XH20006TE5, XP20065R
Cast Iron


The Optim® TEXP motors are manufactured to operate many types of machinery (including all dust producing machinery) in diverse industrial environments. Typical uses include areas in which flammable gases, vapors or dust may be present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce an explosion.

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TECO Westinghouse: Optim TEXP (376)

XC1/525-C1 1/23600575V143TC $1,065.74
XC1/52-C1 1/23600230V, 460V143TC $1,065.74
XC1/545-C1 1/21800575V145TC $1,068.72
XC1/54-C1 1/21800230V, 460V145TC $1,068.72
XC1/565-C1 1/21200575V182TC $1,258.83
XC1/56-C1 1/21200230V, 460V182TC $1,258.83
XC00325-C33600575V182TC $1,280.70
XC0032-C33600230V, 460V182TC $1,280.70
XC00525-C53600575V184TC $1,412.90
XC0052-C53600230V, 460V184TC $1,412.90
XC00345-C31800575V182TC $1,417.13
XC0034-C31800230V, 460V182TC $1,417.13
XC00545-C51800575V184TC $1,560.02
XC0054-C51800230V, 460V184TC $1,560.02
XC1/585-C1 1/2900575V184TC $1,610.71
XC1/58-C1 1/2900230V, 460V184TC $1,610.71
XC00365-C31200575V213TC $1,759.36
XC7/525-C7 1/23600575V213TC $1,782.22
XC7/52-C7 1/23600230V, 460V213TC $1,782.22
XC7/545-C7 1/21800575V213TC $1,928.34
XC0036-C31200230V, 460V213TC $1,940.22
XC00285-C2900575V213TC $1,956.17
XC01025-C103600575V215TC $2,002.89
XC0102-C103600230V, 460V215TC $2,002.89
XC00565-C51200575V215TC $2,035.69
XC7/54-C7 1/21800230V, 460V213TC $2,134.55
XC0056-C51200230V, 460V215TC $2,258.00
XC00385-C3900575V215TC $2,328.92
XC0038-C3900230V, 460V215TC $2,328.92
XC01045-C101800575V215TC $2,396.32
XC0104-C101800230V, 460V215TC $2,396.32
XC01525-C153600575V254TC $2,468.63
XC7/565-C7 1/21200575V254TC $2,494.47
XC7/56-C7 1/21200230V, 460V254TC $2,494.47
XC0152-C153600230V, 460V254TC $2,737.76
XC01065-C101200575V256TC $2,905.99
XC0106-C101200230V, 460V256TC $2,905.99
XC01545-C151800575V254TC $3,028.10
XC0154-C151800230V, 460V254TC $3,028.10
XC02025-C203600575V256TC $3,055.09
XC0202-C203600230V, 460V256TC $3,055.09
XC00585-C5900575V254TC $3,239.97
XC0058-C5900230V, 460V254TC $3,239.97
XC02045-C201800575V256TC $3,492.20
XC0204-C201800230V, 460V256TC $3,492.20
XC7/585-C7 1/2900575V256TC $4,204.15
XH0108-C10900230V, 460V284TC $5,363.70
XH0158-C15900230V, 460V286TC $5,626.12
XH02085-C20900575V324TC $6,718.08
XH0208-C20900230V, 460V324TC $6,718.08


TECO-Westinghouse OPTIM TEXP motors are designed and manufactured to operate many types of machinery in diverse industrial environments. Typical uses include areas in which flammable gases, vapors or dust may be present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.


  • Available from 1-400 HP; 2, 4, 6 & 8 Pole
  • Re-greaseable Provisions Frames 280TS/320T and Larger
  • CSA/UL Certified for Class I, Div 1, Group C & D and Class II, Div 1, Groups E, F & G
  • Speed Ranges up to 10:1 CT, and 20:1 VT. Refer to datasheet for rating specific turn down ratios
  • KLIXON® 9700K Temperature Limiting Device

eMotors Direct’s stock of explosion proof electric motors are designed to be used for hazardous location applications. Their TEFC-XP (totally enclosed, fan cooled) and TENV-XP (totally enclosed, non-ventilated) enclosures keep internal explosions contained, while their flame paths allow for a safer escape for burning gases, helping to mitigate chances of an external ignition. Our explosion proof motors are CSA approved for use in Classes I & II and Division I hazardous locations.

No matter what industry you work in, these motors can too. Choose from a plethora of frame sizes, output RPMs of 900, 1200, 1800, 2500 & 3600, and horsepower ratings from fractional to 350 HP and you’ll be on your way to keeping your hazardous worksite as safe as possible. Browse motors from your top trusted brands; Baldor, Marathon, WEG, Nidec, TECO-Westinghouse, and Leeson explosion proof motors.

Shop explosion proof electric motors online through our Canadian website today. With over 1300 SKUs and convenient filtering options, you can easily find the motor you’re searching for.

Need a hand finding the right motor for your application or legacy replacement?  Contact our motors experts. They have extensive knowledge, backed by over 45 years of experience, to help you with your electric motor project.

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About TECO Westinghouse

George Westinghouse introduced his DC Motor line in 1888, marking the beginnings of the TECO-Westinghouse brand. Now a market leader in electric motor and control design and supply in Canada for various industries. TECO-Westinghouse branded motors’ manufacturing facilities are in Taiwan, China, and Malaysia, and their headquarters are in Edmonton, AB.

Their extensive network of manufacturing bases are located across the globe and offer product innovation opportunities, fantastic engineering and manufacturing resources, and unmatched service. TECO-Westinghouse has always put quality first; their products exceed international industrial standards. With over 100 years under their belt and products that span a range of applications, TECO-Westinghouse is your preferred source of electric motors, controls, and accessories.

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