Worldwide HdRS262-5/1-R

Catalog Number: HdRS262-5/1-R
Input Frame
182T, 184T
Max HP
Output Type
Right Shaft
Output RPM
Max Output Torque
924 lb-in


All motor input flanges are NEMA C-face quill style designs and each unit is sold pre-filled with specific gear oil or lubricant.

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WorldWide: Right Angle Gear Reducers (385)

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SSHdR175-15/1-H-56C-1.015:11.24Hollow Bore120554 lb-in $2,176.45
SSHdR175-10/1-H-56C-1.010:11.57Hollow Bore175515 lb-in $2,176.45
SSHdR175-5/1-H-56C-1.05:12.83Hollow Bore350499 lb-in $2,329.53
SSHdR206-60/1-H-56C-1.71660:10.6Hollow Bore29750 lb-in $2,375.28
SSHdR206-50/1-H-56C-1.71650:10.74Hollow Bore35830 lb-in $2,375.28
SSHdR206-40/1-H-56C-1.71640:11.09Hollow Bore441120 lb-in $2,375.28
SSHdR206-30/1-H-56C-1.71630:11.65Hollow Bore581310 lb-in $2,375.28
SSHdR206-20/1-H-56C-1.71620:11.57Hollow Bore88914 lb-in $2,375.28
SSHdR206-15/1-H-56C-1.71615:12.09Hollow Bore1201002 lb-in $2,375.28
SSHdR206-10/1-H-56C-1.71610:12.77Hollow Bore175935 lb-in $2,375.28
SSHdR206-5/1-H-56C-1.7165:13.62Hollow Bore350685 lb-in $2,375.28
SSHdR237-60/1-H-56C-1.71660:10.86Hollow Bore291149 lb-in $2,890.80
SSHdR237-50/1-H-56C-1.71650:11.32Hollow Bore351527 lb-in $2,890.80
SSHdR237-40/1-H-56C-1.71640:11.45Hollow Bore441483 lb-in $2,890.80
SSHdR237-30/1-H-56C-1.71630:11.82Hollow Bore581507 lb-in $2,890.80
SSHdR237-20/1-H-56C-1.71620:12.06Hollow Bore881195 lb-in $2,890.80
SSHdR237-15/1-H-56C-1.71615:12.64Hollow Bore1201249 lb-in $2,890.80
SSHdR237-10/1-H-56C-1.71610:13.47Hollow Bore1751158 lb-in $2,890.80
SSHdR237-5/1-H-56C-1.7165:14.32Hollow Bore350798 lb-in $3,093.13
SSHdR262-15/1-H-56C-1.151615:13.22Hollow Bore1201577 lb-in $3,310.59
SSHdR262-60/1-H-56C-1.151660:11.16Hollow Bore291670 lb-in $3,774.06
SSHdR262-50/1-H-56C-1.151650:11.37Hollow Bore351658 lb-in $3,774.06
SSHdR262-40/1-H-56C-1.151640:11.85Hollow Bore441919 lb-in $3,774.06
SSHdR262-30/1-H-145TC-1.151630:12.22Hollow Bore581827 lb-in $3,774.06
SSHdR262-30/1-H-56C-1.151630:12.22Hollow Bore581827 lb-in $3,774.06
SSHdR262-20/1-H-145TC-1.151620:12.67Hollow Bore881563 lb-in $3,774.06
SSHdR262-20/1-H-56C-1.151620:12.67Hollow Bore881563 lb-in $3,774.06
SSHdR262-15/1-H-145TC-1.151615:13.22Hollow Bore1201577 lb-in $3,774.06
SSHdR325-60/1-H-145TC-2.31660:12.03Hollow Bore293127 lb-in $5,220.33
SSHdR325-60/1-H-56C-2.31660:12.03Hollow Bore293127 lb-in $5,220.33
SSHdR325-50/1-H-145TC-2.31650:12.49Hollow Bore353413 lb-in $5,220.33
SSHdR325-50/1-H-56C-2.31650:12.49Hollow Bore353413 lb-in $5,220.33
SSHdR325-40/1-H-145TC-2.31640:13.35Hollow Bore443692 lb-in $5,220.33
SSHdR325-40/1-H-56C-2.31640:13.35Hollow Bore443692 lb-in $5,220.33
SSHdR325-30/1-H-145TC-2.31630:13.66Hollow Bore583045 lb-in $5,220.33
SSHdR325-30/1-H-56C-2.31630:13.66Hollow Bore583045 lb-in $5,220.33


HdR series Shaft Input – Shaft Output right angle worm gear reducers are stocked with left or right output shaft configurations with available center distances ranging from 1.33 to 3.25 inches. Input shaft sizes range from 5/8” to 1”, and this series comes pre-filled with Mobil SHC634 synthetic gear oil and includes a brass spring-loaded breather plug.


  • One piece # Fc20 all cast iron housing
  • S45C carbon steel shafts
  • Albc3 aluminum - bronze gear
  • Tapered roller bearing on output and input shafts
  • All angle - radiused mounting holes
  • Shaft sleeve protects all shafts
  • Compact design - compact space capability

eMotors Direct’s stock of right-angle gear reducers are designed to decrease the speed and increase the torque between the driver (the electric motor) and the driven equipment using interlocking gears. This right-angle configuration was created for applications where space is a limitation for use, allowing for a directional change of the torque transmission, so equipment doesn’t have to be set up in-line. Right-angle gearboxes are ideal for applications requiring low speeds and high torque.

Our right-angle gear reducer category covers both orthogonal right-angle gearboxes with straight or spiral bevel gears and skew right-angle gearboxes with worm or hypoid gears. Make your selection from horsepower inputs ranging from fractional to 10 HP, gearing ratios from 5:1 to 100:1, and C-flange or shaft input options. Choose from hollow bore or right, left, or double-shafted outputs and a massive range of output RPM and torque ratings. All from Canada’s best brands; Grove Gear, Kuma, Max Motion, Motovario, and WorldWide.

Shop right angle gear reducers online through our Canadian website today. With over 1170 SKUs and convenient filtering options, you can easily find the gear reduction solution you’re searching for.

Need a hand finding the right gear reducer for your application or legacy replacement?  Contact our motor experts today. They have extensive knowledge, backed by over 45 years of experience, to help you with your electric motor project.

Mechanical Data
Input Type
Shaft Input
Input Frame
182T, 184T
Output Type
Right Shaft
Output Size
1.125" Shaft
Output RPM
350 RPM
Max HP
Max Output Torque
924 lb-in
Max Overhung Load
1000 lbs
Type of Oil
Mobil #SHC634 Synthetic Oil
Physical Data
Case Material
Cast Iron
Case Size
Center Distance
2.62 in
Performance Ratings
Service Factor 1
1.05 SF @ 5 HP
Service Factor 2
1.75 SF @ 3 HP
Service Factor 3
2.62 SF @ 2 HP
Additional Data
Country of Origin

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