Canada’s Top Farm Duty Motor Brands

May 17, 2023

You've got a farm to run, and your equipment needs to perform consistently and without fail. You need high-quality, rugged, and reliable electric motors to run essential machinery and maintain productivity in all conditions, every season. How do you know which brand of farming motors to trust to get the job done?

Here at eMotors Direct, we stock five of the highest-quality Farm Duty Motor brands in a range of sizes and configurations, designed for the unique challenges of heavy-duty farm work.

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Let's take a look at what these brands each have to offer for you and your business.

Leeson Farm Duty Electric Motor

Leeson farm duty motors have been in production since 1974 and have quickly developed a reputation as a leading brand of farm duty and agricultural motors. With the motto "Don't let a motor decide when your day ends!" these ag motors are tough, reliable, and built to meet the challenges of the industry, keeping your business running and food on the table.

The typical Leeson motor we supply features:

  • 400% starting torque
  • A fully enclosed body with double-sealed bearings
  • High-temperature bearing grease
  • A protective shaft slinger to keep dust, rain and other contaminants out

The 'Big Red' series is a versatile line of heavy-duty motors ideal for all kinds of farm work, including feeders, fans, grain elevators, silo unloaders, and barn cleaners.

Leeson offers barn fan motors, auger motors, grain dryer motors, and aeration fan motors, specifically built for farming.

In addition, we stock various Leeson definite-purpose motors for specific applications, which can often be used as direct replacements for OEM motors in farming and agricultural equipment. These include specially built motors for irrigation pumps, fishpond aerators, grain-stirring equipment, milk transfer pumps, feed auger drives, and a range of fan motor applications to suit your every need.

Baldor Reliance Farm Duty Motor

Baldor has one of the longest-standing reputations in the industry, having been in the motor business since 1920. All of their motors are all built in the USA, offering a short lead time on custom orders and an exceptional quality for a slightly higher price tag.

Baldor farm duty motor features typically include:

  • Up to a 1.15 service factor to handle the tough and sometimes unpredictable farm work conditions.
  • Sealed bearings on both ends, a lip seal, and a V-ring slinger combine to provide multiple layers of resistance to ingress from dust and moisture.
  • Heavy-duty epoxy paint keeps corrosion from starting in all-weather conditions.
  • Three different insulation classes (B, H, and F) protect the motor internals from extreme temperature environments.

Baldor offers barn fan motors, auger motors, grain dryer motors, high torque and aeration fan motors.

We offer Baldor motors for every conceivable purpose, including general Farm Duty, grain dryers and stirrers, irrigation towers, auger drives, and all kinds of fan and pump applications. With standout quality and reliability backed up by a warranty of up to 3 years, Baldor motors are designed to keep your farm running day after day, season after season.

TECO Westinghouse AG Motors

For over 60 years, TECO Westinghouse has been a market leader in designing electric motor solutions for all kinds of industrial applications. TECO Westinghouse's farm-duty motors are built for performance, efficiency, and reliability no matter what type of task you throw at them.

TECO Westinghouse motors offer standard features that include:

  • Bi-directional rotation
  • A service factor of 1.15
  • High torque capacitor-start design
  • Manual overload protection

A rugged, fully enclosed motor body with a gasket-sealed conduit cover keeps the elements out

Oversized, double-shielded bearings filled with high-temperature grease ensure that the farm duty motors can operate efficiently in the harshest environments.

We can provide you with a range of TECO Westinghouse general-use motors of different sizes, configurations, and insulation classes to perform any task on your farm.

WEG Farm Motors

WEG is a recognized brand in high-quality electric motors and industrial automation, with global demand for their products. WEG's Farm Duty motors are built to be tough and long-lasting in all conditions.

Standard features on WEG motors include:

  • A totally enclosed body with IP55 ingress protection
  • Capacitor-start and capacitor-run designs for maximum starting torque on single-phase power
  • V-rings for added bearing protection
  • Continuous-duty operational capability in temperatures up to 40°C

We offer a massive variety of WEG motors in different frame configurations and insulation classes, enabling you to find a motor that fits right into your application.

Nidec AG Motors

Nidec is an international company with a reputation for building high-quality electric motors for various industries. Their range of high-torque farm-duty motors is especially suited for augers.

These are:

  • Reversible-rotation
  • Thermal overload protected
  • Fully enclosed motors in capacitor start
  • Split phase, and 3-phase configurations, ensuring maximum starting torque across all the different input power types found on farms.
  • Motors ½ HP and above have a hand crank fitting at the opposite drive end (ODE), providing the ability to manually operate the load when necessary, such as during maintenance and cleaning.

We stock an extensive range of Nidec motors in different sizes and configurations to provide for any requirement you might have.

Motor Accessories For Agriculture Applications

Along with electric motors, we give you access to a range of motor accessories designed to enable you to get the most from your farm duty motors.

Soft Starters

When you start up a motor by applying full power, it accelerates very rapidly, drawing a considerable amount of current from your electrical system and increasing the heat inside the motor. The rapid acceleration can damage the load, and the inrush current wreaks havoc on other equipment connected to the network. To deal with this issue, a soft starter allows you to gradually ramp up the speed of your motor over a short time, enabling a large, powerful motor to operate alongside other equipment with ease.

Magnetic Starters

A magnetic starter is an all-in-one device that provides you with a safe, efficient way to manage your motor's starting and stopping. These devices add thermal overload protection, over-current protection, phase loss sensitivity protection, and manual and automatic reset options. Fitting a magnetic starter will protect your expensive and valuable motors from damage during abnormal conditions, so you can fix the problem and get your farm operations up and running again right away.

Variable Frequency Drives

Sometimes, you need to manage your farm duty motor's speed to maximize the efficiency of your farm operations. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) control your induction motor's power input frequency to give you control over how fast your motor is rotating. VFDs also double as soft starters, so fitting one to your motor will solve two problems in one.

What is a Farm Duty Motor?

Farm duty motors have specific construction and capacility including AC single-phase power, TEFC enclosure, high-starting torque, manual reset thermal overload protection, and additional non-standard features. For a full overview, check out our article 'what makes a farm duty motor'.

How to Replace a Farm Duty Motor

Once you've decided on a brand, check out our step by step guide to replace your farming motor.


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