Replacing an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) furnace motor can be challenging. Manufacturers are often releasing premium-efficient models, making the motor you're replacing obsolete. Most suppliers won't inventory the outdated motor. So how do you find an HVAC motor replacement?

Especially in Canada, it can be challenging to find a replacement promptly. Most distributors don't physically stock replacements in Canada, adding days or weeks to your replacement delivery. When an HVAC compressor motor, for example, needs to be replaced, waiting days or weeks isn't usually an option.

In this article, we've highlighted two HVAC motors brands. We inventory the most popular SKUs in Canada, giving you fast access to the replacement motors you need to get your HVAC systems back up and running.

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Nidec Furnace Motor Replacement

Nidec is a market-leading manufacturer of electric motors that's played a crucial role in developing motors and drives for nearly half a century. They've been credited with enabling the evolution of entire industries due to their innovation and cutting-edge technology. We're proud to offer a huge range of their products.

Nidec blower motors are designed from the ground up to be highly efficient and long-lasting, prioritizing quiet, high-performance operation to ensure maximum comfort for the end-user. Whether you're looking for a high-speed blower motor for an air-conditioner or a low-speed furnace or air circulation motor, Nidec's products will give you industry-leading performance along with substantial energy cost savings.

The line from Nidec includes a wide range of HVAC motors for OEMs and drop-in replacements for major OEM equipment.

Particularly noteworthy are the RESCUE motors, which are designed to solve the problem of replacing any motor in any HVAC system in existence. Designed as permanent, long-lasting drop-in replacements, they come in a range of different sizes and horsepower values, featuring a flexible mounting system to allow them to adapt in the field to the application's physical requirements.

If you're having trouble finding a motor with the right specifications, Nidec's RESCUE Truck Stock motors are universal, highly efficient ECM motors. They can be adaptively programmed to match the airflow targets across all major OEM brands, providing a one-stop smart solution to any motor replacement problem you have.

Nidec offers various RESCUE solutions for multiple tasks, performance requirements, operating conditions, and budgets. When using a Nidec motor, you can rest assured that you are benefiting from the highest standards of motor performance, reliability, and efficiency, and taking advantage of the best technology on the market today.

Packard Furnace Motor Replacement

Packard is a major distributor of HVAC motors and components across North America, with a long-standing reputation for providing excellent customer results across many industries. Since 1959, they've established themselves as an industry leader distributing the most innovative products from top manufacturers and offering their own private label lines.

Packard is involved in developing every area of HVAC technology, including capacitors, fans, and compressors. This gives them a valuable in-depth understanding of the industry's shifting needs, positioning their products ahead of significant trends to provide customers with solutions that meet their needs well into the future.

eMotors Direct offers a huge range of Packard blower motors for air conditioners, furnaces and general-purpose HVAC needs. These include high-quality, reliable PSC motors for OEMs and advanced next-generation ECM motors such as the Packard EC Max.

The EC Max is designed as the ideal direct-drive blower motor to replace hundreds of existing motor types and brands, providing exceptional efficiency and performance to meet strict energy efficiency regulations. This outstanding motor offers over 80% energy efficiency, compatibility with both 120V or 230V power supply, and simple installation and wiring. The EC Max is the all-in-one solution that HVAC technicians can keep in their van to solve a vast range of motor replacement problems.

We also offer a massive selection of Packard capacitors for all kinds of PSC and Capacitor Start motors. In particular, the Titan Pro series capacitors offer an exceptional 60,000 hours of operational lifetime, built from high-grade proprietary materials that outperform the competition in toughness and endurance.

Replacing Your HVAC Motor

To find your HVAC motor solution, search by catalogue number for a direct replacement or search by specifications using the smart search. Enter your motor information, such as model, brand name, type, horsepower and more, and we'll search our extensive range of trusted quality brands to find the right motor for the job.


Take advantage of the best technology in the industry with our top HVAC motor brands, offering you a package that includes affordability, reliability, and excellent performance.