General Information

Guest Blog with Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Chris Beaton

A deep dive into the Tech industry of Edmonton, AB. We explore Tech during the pandemic and beyond. Read more now.

Talk to the Experts

Cory Soetaert

Saturday, August 22nd, eMotors Direct’s first radio interview aired on 650 CKOM Saskatchewan Newstalk Radio. Listen to the episodes here.

A Hard-Hitting Pandemic and the Canadian Food Supply Chain

Chris Beaton

If anything at all, the disruption to the Canadian food supply chain caused by the pandemic has revealed shortcomings in the supply chain and a massive opportunity for companies to embrace digitization. Rad the full article to read more!

Canadian Agriculture and the Pandemic

Cory Soetaert

The Canadian agriculture industry has proven its resilience once again. Learn how the pandemic has affected the Canadian agriculture industry. Read more!

Cross-Reference Search

eMotors Direct

Looking for the right motor can sometimes be very difficult. The product you are looking for might be unavailable, out of stock, or simply obsolete. What can you do then? We can look for alternatives with eMotors Direct's cross-reference search ability.

The Future Of Supply Chain Management

Chris Beaton

Implementing these modern supply chain management techniques will position your business well to take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges of the future.

Optimizing Your Supply Chain

Chris Beaton

Maintaining a robust supply chain includes good inventory management practices, finding the right local supplier with fast shipping to buffer against supply shortages, and taking an analytical, predictive approach to forecasting and managing risk to minimize impacts on your productivity.

The Importance of High Quality Supplier Data

Chris Beaton

High-quality, up-to-date supplier data enables you to make the right decisions and avoid the risks of ordering and installing the wrong equipment at your site.

How B2B Buying Has Changed

Chris Beaton

The B2B buying process has undergone a shift that models recent trends in online shopping and eCommerce. Customers are looking for a modern, seamless buying experience that combines high-quality website content with smooth, hassle-free product ordering and fast delivery.