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  • How To Replace Electric Motor Bearings

    What to consider when it's time to replace your electric motor bearings and a step by step guide on how to do it.

    By Cory Soetaert

  • How to Build a Custom Inline Gear Reducer

    Need a custom gear reducer to get the output you want from your motor? Build the perfect solution with our advanced simple-to-use Custom Gearbox Builder.

    By eMotors Direct

  • How and Why to Avoid Using Counterfeit Bearings

    Using counterfeit bearings can lead to premature failure of multiple electric motor components from issues like excessive vibration and overheating.

    By Cory Soetaert

  • NEMA - Motor Frame Chart

    The National Electrical Manufacturers Association has printed a framing chart for electrical motor systems. This chart contains information on standard NEMA frames vs horsepower, motor dimension chart, assembly position, and more.

    By eMotors Direct

  • Why Single-Phase Induction Motors Need Capacitors

    Single phase induction motors are commonly found anywhere single-phase power is being used. When fitted with a start capacitor, they are able to develop sufficient starting torque to self-start, and a run capacitor improves their efficiency and performance during operation.

    By Cory Soetaert

  • Synthetic Lubricants for Use in Rolling Element Bearings

    Roller element bearings have started to use grease lubrication, displaying the specifications of the lubricant on the nameplate. Read on to find out why you should use the correct synthetic grease when called upon.

    By Chris Beaton

  • Space Heaters to Combat Motor Condensation

    Electric motors frequently have space heaters (or strip heaters) installed to prevent moisture condensation in the motor during times when the motor is not running. The use of silicone rubber space heaters applied to stator windings helps to reduce the condensation within the motor.

    By Chris Beaton

  • Preventing VFD-Induced Bearing Damage in Electric Motors

    VFDs create shaft currents in many electric motors that can damage the bearings, impacting productivity and incurring increased operating costs. Ensure you get AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings or FAG Insulated Bearings from eMotors Direct on your next overhaul or new purchase.

    By Cory Soetaert

  • 5 Easy Steps Slashing Bearing Failures

    By implementing these five, common sense steps, your company will increase the lifespan of your electric motor bearings. Saving time, effort, and costs.

    By Cory Soetaert

  • Basic Electric Motor Troubleshooting

    5 basic tips on troubleshooting electric motor issues like failure to start, stoppage, failure to reach full speed, overheating, and vibration. Get from problem to diagnosis to solution with this article.

    By Chris Beaton


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