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Motor Modifications

Looking for something more than the standard, off-the-shelf electric motor?

Finding a motor that matches your application exactly isn't always as easy as searching through a catalogue. Sometimes, a stock motor isn't enough to get the job done.

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We've built the largest motor modification centre in Canada to bring you fast and reliable service. With over 45 years of motor service and sales experience, we'll modify an off the shelf item that meets your exact application requirements.

What Modifications Are Available?

We provide an extensive range of motor modification and customization services on new motor purchases, all in our Canadian facility. Some of the most common mods we perform include installing a flange, custom shaft size, and F2 conversions. You’ll find a more comprehensive list of available modifications below.

  • C or D Flange installs

  • F2 conversions

  • Inpro/seals

  • Protech seals

  • Space heater

  • Thermistors

  • Thermostats

  • Auxiliary boxes

  • Insulated bearings

  • Stainless hardware

  • Winding RTDs

  • Bearing RTD's

  • Remove feet

  • Oversized main boxes

  • IEC style terminal block

  • Ball bearing conversions

  • Roller bearing conversions

  • Shaft Modifications

  • Grease changes

  • Install ground lug

  • Install drain plugs

  • Topicalization

  • Install non-sparking fan

  • Install jacking bolts

  • Install drip cover

  • Install sunshield

  • Perform Routine Commercial (unwitnessed) testing

  • Perform vibration test

  • Balance rotor to IEEE-841 specifications

  • Install a carbon brush type shaft grounding device

  • Install shaft grounding ring

  • Install shaft grounding seal

  • Custom epoxy paint motor

  • Vertical lifting lugs

Need more than a modification?

For a fully customized, engineered to order motor, submit your technical requirements here.

How Much Additional Time Does a Modification Add to Delivery?

After your purchase is complete, we'll ship the motor and any accessories needed to our head office location. Once modifications are done, we'll then send the modified/customized motor to you. This usually takes about one to two weeks, depending on the modification services requested.

How Do You Include a Motor Modification on Your Order?

Your motor modification project is important to us; we want to help ensure we get it right the first time. Get in contact with one of our motor experts to discuss your project parameters today.

How Much Do Motor Modifications Cost?

Since there are a wide variety of modification and customization options available, and so many different types of motors and accessories, we are unable to give a list of pricing. Contact one of our motor experts to get a quote for your project. In some cases, they may be able to quote instantly. In other cases, they may have to pull information together and get back to you.

Will You Modify My Current Motor?

Our motor modification and customization services are only available for new motors purchased through eMotors Direct.