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Find the parts, accessories, and additional components to enhance your electric motor, including bearings, grounding rings, capacitors, conversion bases, flanges, and more. Most, if not all, electric motor applications require at least one peripheral accessory to help your motor run without causing damage to its internal components.

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Provides support at both ends of the rotor with the ability to spin at minimum friction, even insulation.

Grounding Rings

Protects the motors bearings and prevents fluting and bearing failure.


Includes two common types, start capacitor and run capacitor.


Protects VFD from input power line disturbances that could damage the drive, also reduces the harmonics the VFD generates back on to the line.


Mounts for motors, allow position adjustment.




Motor Accessories

Other Accessories

Grinder Accessories

Various attachments to transform grinders

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Control Techniques

FAG Bearings

Grain Guard

Grove Gear

Hannay Reels

KB Electronics


Lafert North America



Max Motion





Overly Hautz


TECO Westinghouse



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We carry a wide selection of parts and accessories that help limit electrical issues. Bearings to help mitigate axial & radial loads and reduce friction on spinning components, we carry the ever-popular, pioneer bearing brand – FAG Bearings. Shaft grounding rings to route electrical currents from the shaft to a specifically mounted ground, mitigating rogue currents and overheating issues. Capacitors to store electrical energy for later use by the motor. Reactors to smooth the waveform of the current to help reduce over- and under-current situations. Switches to open and close electrical circuit loops, turning equipment on or off. Our selection of covers help to keep internal electrical components protected and clean from contaminants. Flanges to help mount gear reducers or controls to a motor. And motor mounts to help mount the base of the motor to the operating location.

If you're looking for a direct replacement, enter the product catalogue number into the Smart Search or contact our Canadian bilingual team through email, phone, or live chat. Take full advantage of our free technical support to ensure you're getting the best solution for your application.