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Efficiency Payback Calculator

We have North America’s largest HVAC cross reference and will be able to offer something for 95% of all existing motors. Investing in a new premium efficient motor will back 5-times of the difference you paid for the motor.

Know how much you are actually saving in power consumption by buying a new motor.

A real-life example

If we look at PDH1004, the annual savings are $1,652.00, most will fix a motor up to 75% of new. New is $7,121.92 so that would be $5,341.44, a difference of $1,780.48. Even if they only repaired up to 50%, the new motor would still pay them back $16,520.00 over a 10-year life span if properly maintained.

A new premium efficient motor also comes with a 3-year warranty and usually updated features, like better cooling, or lower turndown when used on a VFD.




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