Under the Enclosure with eMotors Direct

Under the Enclosure with eMotors Direct brings you expert knowledge from industry leading professionals.

We're educating electric motor purchasers, maintenance professionals, contractors, electricians, and the like to help them decrease downtime and increase cost savings one episode at a time.


Listen to episodes on electric motors, motor controls, gearing solutions, parts & accessories, maintenance best practices, supply chain logistics, and more!


Learn about topics like how electric motors run, how to choose the correct motor and gearing solutions for your application, how to implement a preventive maintenance strategy, and optimizing your supply chain to save on downtime.


In an effort to increase the accessibility of the resources available on our website, we have started creating audio versions of our blog posts and releasing them as Under the Enclosure podcast episodes. As we continue to create content, we’ll release more podcasts in additional formats (interviews, etc.).

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