Privacy Policy

Secure Socket Layer

eMotors Direct takes your security seriously; we utilize strategic third party security software to ensure your data communicated to us are secured.

In effort to protect your privacy, eMotors Direct uses SSL technology with 256-bit encryption. If your browser supports SSL, when connected to our website. You can see a lock of a closed, or open key to indicate your information transferred to us is secure or not.

At eMotors Direct, we utilize the SSL to ensure our customers data are safe. It is in your responsibility and due diligence to ensure that your browser is in SSL compliance and in good security standing. eMotors Direct is not responsible for negligence and/or misuse of technologies that may compromise security.


When visiting our site, eMotors Direct will ask your browser to place a cookie on your computer. This cookie may live in your computer's memory, hard drive or memory storage device. This information helps us identify where our customers are coming from, how often our customers are visiting, and to provide the best marketing pricing and/or materials based on demographics. We may also collect technical information such as computer configuration, IP addresses, and referring websites. This information allows us to enhance our website based on configurations, security tracking and increase in customer service. You may choose to use our website without the use of cookies; some features may not function as intended with this option. Please consult with your browser's help menu to enable this function.


In order to serve our customers better; we encourage users to sign up with eMotors Direct. This allows us to cater your for special pricing, promotional updates and order related information.

Right To Access

You have the right to access all of your personal data that we collect and maintain. Please contact us at

We utilize these methods to safeguard your information in our private servers. eMotors Direct will take reasonable measures to ensure your identify and may request other supporting documents to verify your identity.

If at anytime you wish eMotors Direct to purge all personal data, please utilize communication methods mentioned above.

Information Collected

The information collected from you may or may not include name, address, phone number, birth date, credit card(s), technical information, profession, location, etc.. This information is used only to provide customer service from eMotors Direct. The information collected is to conduct business transactions between eMotors Direct and the customer. This information is to be stored in a private, secure server and is not be sold to any third party unless otherwise specified.


Our site may contain links and display network links and advertisements to third parties, as well as manufacture websites. eMotors Direct is not responsible for the privacy practices, misuse, or content of any links outside of our domain. By clicking on links, doing so may subject you to be providing information directly. Therefore, you should refer to their privacy policies to understand how your information is handled and your choices available to you.


eMotors Direct maintains business relationships with trusted business partners. For your security and benefit, purchasing with eMotors Direct may subject your information to be shared with our business partners for reasons including but not limited to, verification, fraud prevention, government policy and regulations, shipping compliances and purposes, and marketing purposes. We may also be required to disclose personal information on a lawful manner if requested by public authorities; to meet legal enforcement requirements or international security concerns.

eMotors Direct may share profile or other information when we are required by law. Such as subpoenas, court orders etc.. in order to protect our interests or property. This may include information shared with lawyers, credit bureaus, agents and/or government agencies related to fraud, crime, credit or debt collection.

You agree that information you provide may subject to credit checks, fraud prevention and government agency that may record said information at eMotors Direct's discretion.

You agree that your communication information may be shared with third party business partners of eMotors Direct. eMotors Direct will only utilize this service to conduct communication on behalf of eMotors Direct and will not provide this information for any other use or purpose.


We may use your information to:

  • Research and develop a better user interface for our website
  • Improve content of our website due to feedback
  • Enhance shopping experience
  • Marketing and promotional purposes

Your information provided to us is solely to conduct business between eMotors Direct and the customer. All information is to further enhance the digital experience shopping with eMotors Direct.


Please contact us directly if you feel that you are receiving unnecessary spam, and/or unwanted emails from eMotors Direct.

All of our communication is digital, including receipts, purchase orders, return merchandise authorization and related business communication.

Our Commitment to Children's Privacy

Our website is structured towards to person(s) of age 16+. It is not structured to attract person(s) under the age of 13. We never collect any information from those who are actually under the age of 13.


By visiting our website, you consent to our collection of information as described in this policy. eMotors Direct reserves the right to modify the policy and business practices and it is in your due diligence to refer back this page to remain up to date.


If you have any concerns with our privacy policy. Please contact us:

If you prefer to call us, please dial 1-800-890-7593

If you wish to email us, please do so at