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The AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring Kit with universal mounting brackets allows universal mounting options to fit almost any motor design in NEMA frames from 56 to 449T or IEC frames from 132M to 355M.

Solid & Split Ring with Clamps

The clamp-on design is an easy tap and drill installation for external motor end bracket installations. Use 2 to 4 clamps depending on the style of the motor end bracket. Can be installed in the field or at a motor repair shop

Press Fit

The Press Fit design can be installed as an internal and external installation and is best suited for OEM’s and motor repair shops. For an external mount, the ring is press fit into end bracket which is bored to a specific diameter. For an internal mount, the ring is installed on the bearing cap.

Bolt Through

The bolt through mounting design is an easy tap and drill installation used for internal and external installation. Many motor manufacturers and motor repair shops install the ring internally on the bearing cap.