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Gone are the days where you must spend precious time driving to a brick-and-mortar supplier for your replacement parts. You can now find the products you need online with suppliers like us here at eMotors Direct. And while you may have been able to find parts like bearings online for some time now, we help you ensure that you’re buying quality bearings online.

Even better yet, eMotors is a Canadian business serving every postal code in Canada. We’re bringing you the best on the market with FAG Bearings.

You can find our bearings for sale in three simple ways:

Head over to our homepage and type your part number into our Smart Search bar.

From any page on our website, select “Parts/Accessories” from the “Product” drop down menu at the top of the page. Then select “Bearings” from the product list. From here, you can use the filters on the left side of the page to select your bearing.

From our homepage, click the bearing image found below the motor search bar. Select “Bearings” from the product list and then use the filters on the left side to select your bearing.

Here at eMotors Direct, we strive to bring you the best selection of bearings in Canada.

Bearings are stocked in Edmonton, Alberta. Once ordered, most bearings will arrive within 1-5 business days to postal codes in Canada.

Different Types of Bearings

When searching for your bearing replacement online, you need to know which kind of bearing you need, especially if you don’t have the part number from the original bearing. Below, we’ll cover the four most common types of bearings found in electric motors.

Insulated Bearings

Insulated bearings have a non-conductive, insulating coating on the outer ring or a hybrid bearing has insulated balls. This coating prevents electrical current from circulating through the motor and protects the bearing from electrical corrosion. Insulated bearings are used in electric motor set-ups that include VFDs or Pulse Width Modulators.

Sealed Bearings

Sealed bearings have shields mounted on the outer edges to keep the lubricant in place and protect it from contamination. These types of bearings can only be replaced as they cannot be regreased. Sealed bearings are used in small motor applications where it’s likely that the motor will need to be replaced before the bearing does.

Angular Contact Bearings

Angular contact bearings are designed to withstand high axial loads alongside the usual radial loads. These bearings are most often used in tandem with additional bearings to handle the load. Angular contact bearings are common in high-speed applications or electric motor set-ups with pumps or gearboxes.

Rolling Bearings

Rolling bearings are designed for radial applications only, they cannot withstand axial loads. They are also known as roller bearings or rolling-element bearings. Rolling bearings are most commonly found in belt-driven applications.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Bearing in a Motor?

Since bearings play such a pivotal role in electric motor operation, it’s makes sense that you’re left wondering, “Is a bearing expensive to replace?” There are a few factors that determine the price of a bearing replacement, and the cost can range from $20 to over $3,000.

What type of bearing do you need to replace? Where are you sourcing the bearing from? Will you replace it on your own, or will you bring the motor to an electric motor repair shop? If you intend to replace the motor on your own, do you have the correct tools, skills, and knowledge to complete the replacement correctly?

Your answers to the above questions will determine the bearing replacement cost.

Here at eMotors Direct, we can help you determine the type of bearing replacement your electric motor replacement needs, where to buy bearings, and guide you through the replacement process with our “How to Replace Electric Motor Bearings” YouTube video.

How Often to Replace Bearings

If the correct bearing is selected, installed correctly, and maintained regularly, it should last many years, even in continuous operation applications. In small motor applications, the bearing is most likely going to outlast the electric motor itself.

Continuous monitoring and regular maintenance will help you ensure that your electric motor bearings last a long time, as well as help you determine when greasing or replacement is required. Common signs of early bearing failure are increased noise, increased vibration, excessive heat, or leaking lubrication. A failed bearing will show the same signs or may even completely seize, causing the operation to come to a halt.

What Causes Bearing Failure?

Incorrect Storage/Handling

Ensuring your electric motor bearings last a long time begins before the bearing has even been installed in the motor. Bearings that have been stored in dirty or damp environments are likely to suffer from contamination that will lead to the bearing failing prematurely. Bearings stored in locations with high heat can experience lubrication breakdown. And bearings that are opened too soon, handled by dirty hands, or left on dirty workstations can become contaminated easily.

Incorrect Installation

When installing a bearing to your electric motor, it’s important to follow the correct installation procedure and use the recommended tools. Using a hammer to install a bearing onto a shaft can cause damage to the bearing or misalignment, which will lead to failure quickly. Even when using a bearing press, you must ensure that you’re not pressing on the inner rings as this can lead to denting, cracked rings, and premature failure.

Incorrect bearing installation can also lead to misalignment on the shaft or even damage to the shaft itself. A bearing that is misaligned, fits too tight, or fits too loose will lead to overheating which can damage the bearing and the motor itself.

Excessive Vibration

Excessive vibration in the bearing’s storage location or in the motor once it’s installed will also lead to damage and failure.

Insufficient or Excessive Loads

Insufficient loads can lead to bearing damage. If a bearing doesn’t come preloaded, it will have a minimum load capacity requirement to ensure that it operates properly. Running the bearing under a lighter load can lead to smearing, wear paths, and eventually overheating.

Excessive loads can create the same problem. Bearings come with a maximum load rating from the manufacturer, exceeding this rating can lead to wear paths, overheating, and failure.

Excessive Speed and Torque

Bearings come with manufacturer ratings for maximum speed and torque. Operating your motor above these ratings will cause excessive friction, leading to overheating and failure.

Electrical Corrosion

Rogue or eddy currents can move through the shaft and reach the bearings. When these currents arc across the bearing’s rings, fluting, pitting, and lubrication breakdown can occur.

Lubrication Failure

Lubrication failure is the number one cause of bearing failure, and it can happen in a few different ways - too much lubrication, too little lubrication, incorrect lubrication type, and contamination.

Too much lubrication leads to high friction and overheating. Excessive lubrication can also be pushed out of the bearing seals, which allows an easy access point for contamination. Too little lubrication, on the other hand, allows for too much metal-on-metal contact between the rolling elements and the rings. Which also increases friction and leads to heat damage.

Lubrications are manufactured with different additives and viscosities. Individual bearings are rated for certain types of lubrication, using the incorrect type of lubrication can lead to breakdown quickly.

And finally, contaminated lubrication can cause big issues. Particles can cause scoring the internal pathways and moisture can lead to lubrication breakdown and corrosion of the bearing. Ensuring that your lubrication is stored in a clean, dry, temperature-controlled environment and handled with care when greasing the bearings is paramount in ensuring that the bearings have a long life.

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