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What is a Washdown Duty Motor?

Washdown motors are specially designed to limit water and cleaning chemicals from entering the motor. Their construction limits corrosion and there are fewer places for debris to build up on the body of the motor.

The stainless-steel body essentially makes these waterproof electric motors, though submerging them is not recommended. You’ll find options where the nameplate is stamped onto the body of the motor, which removes the chance for bacteria buildup under a riveted nameplate.

Washdown motors are certified with an IP rating starting with a 6, which means the motor is completely dust tight. The second digit will indicate its level of protection against water:

  • IP65: protection against low-pressure water jets
  • IP66: protection against high-pressure water jets
  • IP67: protection against 30 minutes of immersion in water
  • IP68: protection against continuous immersion in water
  • IP69: protection against high temperature, high pressure water jets

eMotors Direct’s stock of washdown duty electric motors are designed for use in applications where the motor is expected to be exposed to pressure from cleaning jets and water (and possibly cleaning chemicals). These motors are most often used in the food processing industry where sanitation is key but can be used anywhere you want to avoid the ingress of water. These motors are also commonly used in packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing, wastewater treatment, marine applications, and car washes.

Baldor Washdown Motors

Baldor Reliance offers washdown motors in single in three phase from fraction to 30 horsepower. Supporting the food manufacturing industry for over 30 years, Baldor washdown motors help to minimize corrosion when washed down with harsh chemicals and high-pressure water jets. Baldor motors are manufactured in the US and ample stock is available in Canada.

Their white washdown motor line is designed for light washdown applications, where the motor may be splashed with water or be installed in humid environments. These motors come with a sealed frame to limit contamination and water from entering the motor and damaging the internals. Drain holes allow maintenance teams to easily relieve condensation that has built up inside the motor.

Their stainless steel washdown motors offer a greater level of protection than the white washdown motors. The nameplates are etched onto the side of the motor to limit food and other debris from being trapped, limiting opportunities for bacteria growth. These motors are meant for high frequency washdown applications where they may encounter harsh cleaning chemicals and high-pressure water jets. Their food safe line has an IP69 rating and a 3-year warranty.

Leeson Washdown Motors

Leeson Washguard motors offer an extensive line of washdown options for different applications in fractional up to 10 horsepower. The White Duck Motors are intended for occasional washdown applications and are coated with an epoxy paint for easier cleaning.

The Extreme Duck motors are IP69 certified and are meant for high frequency washdown applications where the motor will be subjected to high pressure water jets. They also offer 10:1 constant torque application, making them ideal for conveying applications.

TECO Westinghouse Washdown Motors

TECO Westinghouse’s stainless steel washdown motors come with class F insulation and 1.15 service factor. They offer ½ HP ip to 10 HP and 1800 & 3600 RPM. The nameplate is etched on the side of the motor to limit contamination build up and allow for easy cleaning.

Where to Buy Washdown Motors in Canada

Shop washdown electric motors from brands like Baldor, Leeson, Marathon, and TECO Westinghouse. From fractional horsepower up to 30 HP, and with output speeds of 1200, 1800, or 3600 RPM. Choose from totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV), totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), totally enclosed air over (TEAO) enclosure types.

With over 750 SKUs and convenient filtering options, you can easily find the motor you’re searching for. Most motors arrive in 1-5 business days to postal codes within Canada.

1 horsepower washdown motors typically start at $500. A 5 horsepower washdown motor will typically cost between $1500-$3500, depending on the brand and motor specifications.

Need a hand finding the right motor for your application or legacy replacement? Contact our motors experts. They have extensive knowledge, backed by over 45 years of experience, to help you with your electric motor project.

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