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eMotors Direct’s stock of lifting magnet generators are for use in scrap and bulk metal handling facilities. They are most often mounted on the cranes in the yard of metal recycling plants or steel mills. The generators shaft is turned either by a belt connected to the diesel engine (horizontal motors) or the PTO drive shaft of the crane (C-face mounted motors), the mechanical energy of the spinning shaft is captured internally and converted into electrical energy. The electrical energy or current is sent to the magnet which creates the necessary magnetic field to pick up and move the intended metal object.

Our generator category covers 18 different SKUs from Baldor, a top trusted electric motor brand. All the lifting magnet generators create a field voltage of 230V, have an open drip proof (ODP) enclosure, and are manufactured with rolled steel. You have the choice of multiple different frame sizes, and rigid or C-face mounting options. Select a generator with a base speed of either 1750 or 2500 RPM.

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