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Baldor Motors features a diverse range of motors, including General Purpose AC Motors, Farm Duty Motors, Explosion Proof Motors, and more, each designed to cater to specific industrial needs. Built with high-quality materials like rolled steel and cast iron, Baldor Motors ensure durability and efficiency. With options for various horsepower, RPM, and voltage requirements, these motors are ideal for a wide array of applications.

Emphasizing immediate availability, eMotors Direct promises quick shipping. With an experienced technical support team, eMotors Direct is proud to offer unparalled, personalized product support.

Explore the full range of Baldor Electric Motors and find the perfect match for your industrial requirements here.

Baldor Electric Motors Canada

Baldor Reliance is one of the most frequently requested motor brands in Canada, as they’ve been building motors since 1920. They’re a well-made, trusted brand and have good stock levels for most models. eMotors Direct is an authorized Baldor motor distributor, and ships direct for their warehouses in:

  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Burlington, Ontario
  • Saint-Hubert, Quebec

If a motor is in stock, it’ll typically be delivered within 1-5 business days within Canada. Baldor offers a wide range of motors, the most popular being the farm duty motors, Super E premium efficient general-purpose motors, explosion proof motors, and washdown stainless steel motors.

Our team of technical experts offers Baldor support from our Edmonton head office. Contact us anytime with your Baldor motors technical support needs.

Baldor Resources

  • Greasing Schedule and Manual
  • Warranty
  • Wiring Diagram: To locate the wiring diagram for your specific Baldor motor, type the catalogue number into the SmartSearch at the top of the screen. Scroll down until you see ‘downloads’ near the center of the screen. Select ‘data package’. Here’s an example: EM3708T-G.

Baldor Reliance Super E Motor

The Baldor Super E Motors are premium-efficient and came on the scene around 2010. They replaced the previously used standard-efficiency and high-efficiency Baldor motors. The old models (standard-efficiency and high-efficiency) will have a silver paint and the 3 phase catalogue numbers will start with an ‘M’. Verses the newer, premium-efficient models will havegold paintand the 3 phase motors will start with an ‘EM’.  If you’re replacing a silver Baldor motor, you should be able to cross reference to the current gold model by adding an ‘E’ in front of the motor catalogue number.  

There are still a few silver standard-efficiency and high-efficiency models available, however, the gold premium-efficient motors will give you much more bang for your buck. Using a premium efficient motor will help save significantly on energy costs. For example, the M3710T-5 was 89.5% efficient whereas the EM3710T-5 is 91.7% efficient.  

Super E Catalogue

Baldor Explosion Proof Motors

Baldor’s explosion proof severe duty electric motors are extremely durable and dependable. Horsepower specifications range from ¼ horsepower to 250 horsepower. These motors are commonly used in petroleum and mining applications, where hazardous gases may be present.  

Explosion proof motors are a requirement of class 1, division 1 locations, as they’re able to contain internal explosions, limiting the risk of igniting dangerous gases outside of the motor. For a full overview on hazardous locations, check out our blog article on how to classify motors for hazardous locations.

Explosion Proof Feature Sheet

Baldor Farm Duty Motor

Baldor Reliance farm duty motors are designed for demanding agricultural environments, including augers, pumps, barn fans, and grain dryers. They also offer high torque motors and instant reverse options. These motors are made in both single phase and three phase and are NEMA approved motors. The farm duty line starts at 1/3 horsepower and goes up to 100 horsepower.  

Baldor Washdown Motors

Baldor offers a range of epoxy coated and stainless steel washdown motors. These motors are food safe and are meant to be washed down with high pressure water jets and harsh chemicals. The stainless steel washdown motors come with an engraved nameplate (vs a metal attached nameplate), to limit contamination from getting trapped. Washdown duty motors are ideal for food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and packaging industries, where limiting contaminants is important.  

Check out our article on IP ratings for washdown motors to learn more.  

Baldor’s washdown motors come in 1/3 up to 30 horsepower.

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