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Elevate the efficiency of your operations with Baldor motors. Baldor Canada’s leading-edge technology serves the industrial HVAC, food and beverage, cement, mining, minerals, water, and wastewater industries.

Baldor is particularly well known for the Super-E motor, which is a premium efficient (IE3) motor. This flagship product offers increased efficiency and cost savings for manufacturing plants, compared to high efficiency (IE2) motors.

Baldor industrial motors perform in rugged applications with safety and durability in mind. Their popular products include AC motors, DC motors, farm duty motors, crusher duty motors, and explosion proof motors.

Formerly known as Baldor Electric Company, now the US Motor Business Unit of ABB, Baldor manufactures electrical motors under the Baldor-Reliance brand. Having been a member of the ABB group since 2011, Baldor Electric Company unified with ABB in March of 2018. After the rebrand, they are now known as ABB Motor and Mechanical (Canada) Inc, although new motor nameplates still indicate 'Baldor Reliance' in Canada.

Baldor Electric Motors work out of headquarters based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Baldor Canada’s locations throughout the country provide applications, technical support, and distribution centres.

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Explosion Proof Motors for Hazardous Locations

Explosion ProofGeneral Purpose, Single PhaseExplosion proof, foot mounted, three phase, 230/460 and 575 voltsGeneral Purpose, Brake, Three PhaseDrill Rig Duty (575v)General Purpose, Close Coupled Pump, Three PhaseGeneral Purpose, Three Phase (foot mount and c-face)General Purpose, Jet Pump, Single and Three PhaseDrill Rig Duty (230/460 and 460v)Severe Duty, Three PhaseDrill Rig Duty, Close Coupled PumpDrill Rig Duty (single phase)

Farm Duty

Farm DutySingle Phase, TEFC, C-Face, FootlessIncubator/Hatchery Vent Fan, Single Phase, TEAOGrain Dryer/Vane Axial Fan, Single and Three Phase, TEAO and OPAOMetering Pump, Three Phase, TEFC, Foot MountedSingle Phase, TEFC, Foot mounted, Extra high torqueGrain Stirrer, Single Phase, TEFC, Foot MountedUniversal Crop Dryer, Single Phase, PSC (switchless), OPAOInstant Reversing, Single Phase, TEFC, Foot MountedSingle Phase, TEFC, C-Face, Foot MountedGrain Dryer/Centrifugal Fan, Single Phase and Three Phase, TEFC and ODPDairy/Vaccum Pump, Single Phase, TEFC, Foot Mounted Super E-Three Phase, TEFCAeration Fan, Single Phase and Three Phase, TEAO, Foot MountedSingle Phase, TEFC, Foot MountedAuger Drive, Single Phase, TEFC, Flange Mount, Capactior StartSingle Phase, TEFC, C-Face, Footless, Extra High Torque(PSC) - Direct Drive Fan, Single Phase, TEAO

Pump Motors

PumpJet Pump Single Phase, ODPSAE hydraulic pump Jet Pump Single Phase, TEFCSubmersible MotorsSquare Flange PumpClose Coupled, three phase ODPFire Pump Close CoupledJet Pump Three Phase, TEFCClose Coupled, three phase (With AEGIS) Jet Pump Three Phase, TEFC, C-faceClose Coupled, Single PhaseClose Coupled, washdown features (foot mounted)Food Safe Close CoupledClose Coupled, three phase TEFCJet Pump Three Phase, ODPP-base solid shaft pump

DC Motor

Permanent Magnet DC

General Purpose AC Motors

General PurposePressure washer, single phase, TEFC and ODPTotally Enclosed, C-Face, Footless, Three PhaseTEFC, Foot Mounted, Single PhaseF2 Mount, Three Phase, TEFC and ODP, Foot MountedOpen Drip Proof, C-Face, Footless, Three PhaseOpen Drip Proof, Foot Mounted, Three PhaseOpen Drip Proof, C-Face, Foot Mounted, Three PhaseTotally Enclosed, Foot Mounted, Three PhaseTotally Enclosed, C-Face, Foot Mounted, Three PhaseTEFC, C-Face, Single PhaseODP, Foot Mounted, Single PhaseODP, C-Face, Single Phase

Washdown Motors

WashdownFood-Safe Stainless Steel, Three Phase, Foot Mounted, EncapsulatedFood-Safe Stainless Steel, Three Phase, C-Face, Foot Mounted, EncapsulatedPaint Free, Three Phase, Totally Enclosed, C-FaceInverter Duty Motor, Paint Free, Three Phase, Totally Enclosed, C-FaceFood-Safe IEC Stainless Steel, Totally Enclosed, EncapsulatedStainless Steel, Three Phase, Totally Enclosed, C-Face, Foot MountedFood-Safe Stainless Steel, Three Phase, C-Face, Footless, EncapsulatedStainless Steel, Three Phase, Totally Enclosed, C-Face, FootlessFood-Safe Stainless Steel, Single Phase, C-FaceWhite Washdown Motors

Furnace Motor

Furnace MotorSuper-E ODP with Internal AEGIS Bearing Protection RingSuper-E TEFC with Internal Shaft Grounding Brush

Brake Motor

Brake Motor

IEC Metric Motors

IEC Motor

Vector/Inverter Duty Motors

1000:1 Turndown

Severe Duty IEEE 841 Motors

IEEE 841661XL / IEEE 841 Severe DutyXEX Severe Duty841XL Severe DutyCrusher motors, Severe Duty (foot mounted)

Definite Purpose

Definite Purpose




Industrial GrindersIndustrial Tool GrindersBig Red GrindersIndustrial Belt SandersIndustrial BuffersPolishing Lathes

Crusher Duty

Crusher Duty Motors

Permanent Magnet AC

Synchronous permanent magnet, three phase, TEFC, foot mounted



Motor Accessories

Motor Accessories

Grinder Accessories

WheelsOthersEyeshieldsTrue-Running ChucksPedestalsDust Control Units

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