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March 22, 2023


When it comes to sourcing electric motors for your customers, why not stick with the local motor shops?

A failed or underperforming motor can bring your customer’s business to a halt. Even a small motor failure can lead to unexpected downtime, reduced production, and lost income.

Meet Wayne. Wayne’s an industrial electrician serving over forty clients as a one-man show. He provides electric motor maintenance and repair to farmers, food manufacturing plants, aggregate pits, and the like. Wayne relies on local suppliers to source the motor replacements for his customers. It’s just the way he’s always done it.

Bricks and Mortar motor suppliers rely on their warehouse inventory to supply replacements. Because of this, you only have access to the inventory in your local town, resulting in limited access to the motors you need.

This week, Wayne’s doing his rounds to four client locations. He has a hectic day performing maintenance on the motors at the local aggregate pit, and he finds a motor in need of replacement. Once Wayne is finally back in the service area, he tries to call his usual supplier, but they’re already closed.

To add fuel to the fire, they haven’t called him back yet about the motor he needs from last week.

Wayne needs a better solution for his motor supply chain.

Wayne saw an eMotors Direct YouTube video last week and has been meaning to check them out. While relaxing at home, he gets out his phone and types in He enters the catalogue number for his customer’s motor, and the product appears. Right away, he sees price and lead time. This particular motor will take three days to arrive.

Scrolling further, he sees 20 other motor options, all with the same specifications. These are direct replacements for Wayne’s customer’s motor. From these options, Wayne chooses the most cost-effective motor with the shortest lead time.

After searching a little longer, Wayne finds the replacement motor he’s still waiting for a quote on from last week.

He adds it to his cart and goes to check out online. He signs up for the Loyalty Rewards Program and his order total changes from $1,953 down to $1,570. With discounts like this, he’ll be able to increase his margins and save time by ordering online.

A few days later, the motors arrive, and Wayne meets them onsite to change them out. Both of his customers are back in business.

The following week, Wayne gets a call from his eMotors Direct account manager, and they discuss the capabilities of the website. After Wayne mentions that he is a one-man show, his account manager tells him about the technical experts they have on staff. Wayne can utilize these experts whenever he needs, especially on those tough-to-handle projects, to ensure that he’s getting the right solution for his customers. Wayne can also find the data packs, drawings, and warranty information on the website and download them on site. This extra support and efficient ordering process will empower Wayne to expand his business even further.

We’ve aggregated all the manufacturer inventory across Canada so that you can make more informed buying decisions. Instead of accessing just your local supplier inventory, gain access to over $75 million worth of product across Canada. The information you need to buy your motor now is just a click away.

Visit to shop over 50,000 motor and motor-related products.

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