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Upgrade your operations with Lafert electric motors. Headquartered in Italy, Lafert adheres to rigorous quality standards, ensuring their metric motors meet or exceed industry requirements. This commitment to quality control contributes to the dependability of its motors.

Specializing in IEC metric motors, Lafert designs and manufacturers a wide range of product offerings, including brake motors, general purpose 3-phase motors, and metric washdown motors. Their motors are prominent in industrial HVAC, materials handling, renewable energy, and other industries.

Lafert motors are especially popular with Original Equipment Manufacturers, because of their compact design and relatively lightweight construction. Lafert is well known for their focus on motor efficiency, empowering customers to decrease recurring energy costs generated by motor systems.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Lafert Motors Canada offers many mechanical customizations, including flange installation, mounting modifications, and more.

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