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Bolster your operations with Leeson Motors and Controls. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Leeson Motors Canada is known for offering an economically priced product while maintaining an exceptional degree of quality and consistency. Having a global presence, Leeson has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of electric motors, VFDs, and other motor peripherals.

With flagship products like the Leeson Farm Duty Motor and the Leeson Speed Master Control, you'll find these products loyally leveraged in agriculture, manufacturing, food processing, materials handling, and other industries. The Leeson Auger Motors are commonly used in the agriculture industry.

Leeson Electric Motors places emphasis on energy efficiency and performance. The company designs motors to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal efficiency in various applications. Affiliated with parent company Regal Rexnord, the Leeson product is backed by a highly skilled and diverse team.

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IEC Metric Motors

IEC Motor

Washdown Motors

Washguard DC MotorWashguard Motor

DC Motor

Totally Enclosed DC Motor

General Purpose AC Motors

Cast Iron WATTSaver Motor ODPCast Iron WATTSaver Motor Totally EnclosedSingle Phase Rolled Steel ODPGeneral Purpose Capacitor StartThree Phase Totally Enclosed MotorSingle Phase Totally EnclosedAir Compressor

Furnace Motor

Single Phase WATTsaver Furnace MotorHVAC / Fan Motors - Two-Speed

Farm Duty

Performa Pro Single Phase Farm Duty MotorEco Ag Designs MotorSingle Phase PSC MotorsGrain Dryer / Centrifugal Fan MotorHi-Torque and Extra Hi-Torque MotorsBelt Drive MotorsCrop DryerAeration FanCatfish Pond MotorsHatchery and Incubator Fan MotorsFeed-Auger Drive Motors

Pump Motors

JM Pump Motor

Definite Purpose

Saw Motor

Variable Frequency Drives

SM2 Series Flux Vector - VFDsSM4 Series Flux Vector - VFDsWashguard Micro Series - VFDsFHP Series - VFDsPlatinum VSD Series - VFDsPlatinum VSD Plus Series - VFDs

DC Drives

SCR Thyristor Controls - DC DrivesLow Voltage Controls - DC DrivesSCR 15 Series Controls - DC DrivesLow Voltage SCR Controls - DC DrivesRegemerative SCR Drives - DC DrivesPWM & SCR Controls - DC Drives


PE350 - DC GearmotorsP1100 - DC GearmotorsP1100 - AC GearmotorsP240 - AC GearmotorsPZ - AC GearmotorsWashguard Right Angle - DC GearmotorsWashguard PE350 - DC GearmotorsPE350 - AC GearmotorsBravo - DC GearmotorsRight Angle - DC GearmotorsRight Angle - AC GearmotorsWashguard P300 - DC GearmotorsPZ - DC GearmotorsWashguard P240 - AC GearmotorsP300 - DC GearmotorsWashguard Right-Angle- AC Gearmotors


C-FlangeD-FlangeB14-Flange KitB5-Flange Kit

Motor Accessories

Motor Accessories

Other Accessories

Gear Motor AccessoriesControl Peripheral


Conversion Bases


Gearmotor Capacitor



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