Max Motion

Max Motion is a brand under MEP that specializes in a range of electric motors

Opening their doors in 1982, MEP prides themselves on being a trusted source of electric motors and controls for a range of industries. You will find their offices and warehouses in 3 locations in Canada, Montreal, Toronto, and Edmonton. Among other brands, you'll find Max Motion housed within the MEP brand.

Working with customers from agriculture to mining and beyond, MEP's focus has always been on their customers' growth. The company's core values are rooted in integrity, transparency, and quality. Innovation and development will always be the key driver as MEP moves towards the future.

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General Purpose AC Motors

General Purpose

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Washdown Motors

WashdownPremium Design B Nema 12-12

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Permanent Magnet DC

IEC Metric Motors

IEC Motor

Right Angle Gear Reducers

Right Angle Gear Reducer (Aluminum)Right Angle Gear Reducer (Stainless Steel)

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Carbon BrushGear Reducer Accessories


C-FlangeD-FlangeB14-Flange KitB5-Flange Kit

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