Overly Hautz

Manufactures and designs the world's most complete line of motor mounting products.

Every single electric motor requires a mounting system. That’s where Overly Hautz comes in. They’ve specialized in motor mounting and rail systems for over 75 years, trailblazing the fabrication of these products with unmatched weight reduction and more excellent reliability. Their customization ability gives their designs the flexibility for a diverse range of motor mounting applications.

Overly Hautz is an industry leader with the most complete line of motor mounting solutions. Their innovative designs and quality manufacturing are applied to each of their products, serving NEMA and metric motor frame sizes and beyond. You’ll find their double adjustable slide bases, conversion bases, and single adjustable slide bases amongst the products we distribute here at eMotors Direct.

“If it’s motor mounting… think Overly Hautz Motor Base Company.”

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