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Boost your innovation and performance with WEG motors. A Brazilian company, WEG operates in more than 135 countries worldwide, producing electric motors, generators, transformers, and drives for almost every motor application.

With flagship product lines, such as the WEG Pump Motor line, WEG motors are trusted in the waste and water treatment, mining, chemical processing, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, WEG Motors Canada (VJ Pamensky) distributes efficient technology that drives sustainable growth for your business. They serve industries such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, power generation, food and beverage, and more.

WEG demonstrates that hard work and passion really do make dreams come true. Werner Ricardo Voigt, Eggon João da Silva and Geraldo Werninghaus joined forces in 1961 and founded Eletromotores Jaraguá. Eventually changing its name to honour the three founders, WEG has now become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric motors and controls. Operating out of Duluth, Georgia, WEG motors now has seven distribution centres throughout Canada and the United States.

WEG’s commitment to growth, innovation, and teamwork has been the driving factor behind their forward movement. Now producing over 21 million individual items annually, WEG motors attributes this success to their state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge processes. They will always strive to develop and improve on their industrial electrical solutions.

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Explosion Proof Motors for Hazardous Locations

Explosion ProofNEMA Premium Explosion Proof 56 FrameW21X NEMA Premium Explosion Proof

Pump Motors

W01 Three Phase Jet Pump TEFCW01 Three Phase Jet Pump ODPW40 JM & JP Pump NEMA PremiumW22 P-Base NEMA PremiumW01 Single Phase Jet Pump TEFCW01 Single Phase Jet Pump ODPW22 Single Phase JM & JP PumpW22 Single Phase JM & JP PumpW01 NEMA Premium JM& JP TEFCW22 NEMA Premium JM & JP PumpW01 High Efficiency JM & JP ODPW01 NEMA Premium JM& JP ODP

General Purpose AC Motors

General PurposeW01 NEMA Premium ODP 3PH 56 FrameW01 NEMA Premium ODP 1PH 56 FrameW22 Single Phase TEFCSingle Phase 180T/210T FrameSingle Phase Compressor DutyW01 NEMA Premium TEFC 140 and Up FrameW22 NEMA Premium TEFCW40 NEMA Premium ODPW01 NEMA Premium ODP 140 and Up FrameW01 NEMA Premium TEFC 1PH 56 FrameW01 NEMA Premium TEFC 3PH 56 Frame

IEC Metric Motors

IEC MotorSaw Arbor IEC MotorW22 Tru-Metric NEMA Premium IEC Motor

Farm Duty

Single Phase Farm Duty

Brake Motor

W22 NEMA Premium Brake Motor


W22 Oil Well Triple Rated Motor

Severe Duty IEEE 841 Motors

W22 IEEE 841 Severe Duty

Definite Purpose

In-Line Extra Thrust NEMA Premium

Crusher Duty

Crusher Duty

Magnetic Starter

208-240V Coil with Start-Stop Pushbuttons - Three Phase208-240V with Start-Stop Pushbuttons - Single Phase480V with Start-Stop Pushbuttons - Three Phase120V with Start-Stop Pushbuttons - Three Phase600V with Start-Stop Pushbuttons - Three Phase120V with Start-Stop Pushbuttons - Single Phase

Variable Frequency Drives

CFW 100 Low Voltage VFDCFW 300 Low Voltage VFDCFW 500 Low Voltage VFDCFW 700 Low Voltage VFDCFW 11 Low Voltage VFD

Other Accessories

Control Peripheral



Motor Accessories

Motor Accessories

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