Nidec FD13CM2P

1/3 HP 1725 56 Fr TEFC 115V|230V Farm Duty
Catalog Number: FD13CM2P
Model Number: C063FJS5563015B
115V, 230V
Rolled Steel


Nidec’s farm duty motors are designed for applications like crop dryers, exhaust fans, auger drive systems, barn cleaners, manure pumps, and silo unloaders. Available in horsepower ratings as low as ¼ up to 30, in single or three-phase voltage, and in rolled steel or aluminum frame construction.

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Nidec: Special Application Agriculture TEFC Agri Duty High Torque Single Phase Capacitor Start (40)

FD13CM2P1/31725115V, 230V56 $224.00
FD12CM2P1/21725115V, 230V56 $233.80
FD13CM2PCR1/31725115V, 230V56C $233.80
FD12CM2PCR1/21725115V, 230V56C $242.20
FD34CM2P3/41725115V, 230V56 $253.40
FD34CM2PCR3/41725115V, 230V56C $261.80
FD13CM2PC1/31725115V, 230V56C $267.40
FD12CM2PC1/21725115V, 230V56C $273.00
FD1CM2PZ11725115V, 230V56H $287.00
FD34CM2PC3/41725115V, 230V56C $292.60
FD1CM2P1411725115V, 230V143T $298.20
FD1CM2PCR11725115V, 230V56C $310.80
FD13CM2P-C1/31725115V, 230V56C $316.00
FD12CM2P-C1/21725115V, 230V56C $325.80
FD1CM2PHC11725115V, 230V56HC $329.00
FD32CM2PH1 1/21725115V, 230V56H $331.80
FD32CM2P141 1/21725115V, 230V145T $343.00
FD34CM2P-C3/41725115V, 230V56C $345.40
FD32CM2PCR1 1/21725115V, 230V56C $368.20
FD32CPM2PHC1 1/21725115V, 208-230V56HC $375.20
FD1CM2PZ-C11725115V, 230V56HC $379.00
FD32CM2P14C1 1/21725115V, 230V145TC $387.80
FD2CM2PHZ21725115V, 230V56HZ $406.00
FD1CM2P14-C11725115V, 230V143TC $422.20
FD32CM2PH-C1 1/21725115V, 230V56HC $423.80
FD2CM2PHC21725115V, 230V145TC $453.60
FD32CM2P14-C1 1/21725115V, 230V145TC $467.00
FD2CM2PHZ-C21725115V, 230V56HCZ $530.00
FD2CM2P1821740115V, 230V182T $681.80
FD3CM2K1831740230V184T $737.80
FD5CM2K1851740230V184T $827.40
FD2CM2P18-C21740115V, 230V182TC $925.80
FD3CM2K18-C31740230V184TC $981.80
FD5CM2K2151730230V213T $1,048.60
FD5CM2K18-C51740230V184TC $1,071.40
FD7CM2K217 1/21740230V215T $1,337.00
FD5CM2K21-C51730230V213TC $1,338.60
FD10CM2K21101730230V215T $1,465.80
FD7CM2K21-C7 1/21740230V215TC $1,627.00
FD10CM2K21-C101730230V215TC $1,755.80


For powering agitators, augers, compressors, conveyors, feeders and hay hoists.

High torque motors are used on barn cleaners, manure pumps, and silo unloaders.


  • Class F Insulation (140-210 Frame)
  • 40°C Ambient, Continuous Duty
  • Reversible Rotation
  • Steel Frames & Steel Welded Based (140-210 Frame)
  • Manual Reset Thermal Overload Protector
  • Capacitor Start-Capacitor Run (3-10 HP)
  • Low Temperature Grease

What is a Farm Duty Motor

Farm duty motors typically require a high starting torque and should be durable enough for harsh, outdoor environments. Often, farm duty motors come with a 1.15 service factor, allowing for short periods of overload. Because applications for ag motors are so diverse, manufacturers have developed specific motors for specific applications, such as auger drive motors or instant reverse motors.

Be sure to take note of the IP ratings for your motor, as this will determine what environment it’s intended for. For example, an IP44 motor can withstand water splashing on the motor and limits objects over 1mm from entering the motor. Verse an IP55 motor can withstand water projected from a low-pressure water jet and protects against dust.

These motors also typically come with sealed bearings to protect the motor from contaminants, which helps to extend the life of the motor.

Baldor Farm Duty Motors

Baldor Reliance offers farm duty motors for the agricultural industry, coming in many different frame sizes and mounting types. Baldor motors are manufactured in Arkansas, United States. These farming motors come in 1/3 horsepower up to 100 horsepower. Speeds offered in either 1800 RPM or 3600 RPM.

Additional features include:

  • Single and three phase
  • IP44 (protection against solid objects over 1mm, protection from water splashing on the motor)
  • Double sealed ball bearings (no lubrication required)
  • Durable epoxy paint for harsh conditions and outdoor use

Applications include:

  • Dairy/vacuum pump
  • Grain stirrer
  • Instant reversing
  • Metering pump
  • Aeration fans for grain storage
  • Auger drive
  • Incubator/hatchery vent fan
  • Irrigation tower drive

Leeson Farm Duty Electric Motors

Leeson motors are manufactured by Regal Beloit and have a reputation for long-lasting, dependable motors since 1939.

Leeson recently introduced the ECO AG Motor, which provides up to 22% increased efficiency compared to a standard farm duty motor. The increased efficiency translates to cost savings on energy bills and a more efficient farm.

ECO AG features include:

  • Sealed bearings (no need to grease the motor regularly, decreasing maintenance time)
  • 1.15 service factor, accounting for short period of overload without damaging the motor
  • Single phase and three phase
  • Weep holes for condensation to drain (ideal for outdoor use and humid environments)

Leeson farm duty motor start at ¼ horsepower, up to 16 horsepower and offer a diverse range of RPMs (900, 1200, 1800, 3600).

These ag motors are often used in:

  • Conveyors
  • Crop drying
  • Feeders
  • Irrigation
  • Loaders
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Augers

Where to Buy Farm Duty Motors in Canada

eMotors Direct’s stock of farm duty electric motors are built tough for those harsh conditions of life on the farm. Operate your heavy machinery seasonally or around the clock, these workhorses can handle what you throw at them, with regular maintenance. Our farm duty motor category covers all the motors you need to keep your farm working, find electric auger duty motors, fan motors to dry your grain and cool your barn, and more.

Select a farm duty motor from the top brands you trust, like Baldor, Leeson, Century, Grain Guard, Nidec, Brook Crompton, and more. Meet your horsepower needs with options from fractional up to 100 HP. Choose a motor that works on either AC single-phase or three-phase power, or DC power if you don’t have access to the grid. Plus, keep your motor’s internals covered with different enclosure types; OAO, ODP, TEAO, TEFC, and TENV.

Shop farm duty electric motors online through our Canadian website today. With over 700 SKUs and convenient filtering options, you can easily find the motor you’re searching for.

Need a hand finding the right motor for your application or legacy replacement? Contact our motors experts. They have extensive knowledge, backed by over 45 years of experience, to help you with your electric motor project.

Electrical Data
Rated Motor Output Power
1/3 HP
0.25 kW
Rated Motor Speed
1725 RPM
Rated Motor Voltage
115V, 230V
Rated Motor Current
6.6/3.3 AMP
Locked Rotor Current
Fl Current @ 208V
Service Factor
KVA Code
Nominal Efficiency
Nominal Power Factor
Leads (Qty, Size)
60 Hz
Start Capacitor
Run Capacitor
VFD (S.F. 1.0)
Variable Torque
Constant Torque
General Data
Number of Speeds
1 Speed
Approximate Weight
Double Drilled
Frame Material
Rolled Steel
NEMA Design
Degree of Protection (IP)
Insulation Class
Conduit Box Location
Removable Feet
Ambient Temp
Full Load Temperature Rise
Full Load Temp Rise
Temp Code
Mechanical Data
DE Bearing
NDE Bearing
Shaft Diameter
Shaft Length
Grease Type
Low Temperature
Hazardous Locations
CSA Certified
Temp Code (Sine Wave Power)
Temp Code (VFD Power)
Additional Information
Agency Approvals
Country of Origin

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About Nidec

Finding its roots in 1973 in a shed in a back yard, Nidec Motor Corporation (NMC) was created by a 4-man team and has grown to over 140K employees working out of 40 countries across the globe. They now operate out of Kyoto, Japan, with manufacturing plants in countries throughout the Asia’s and in Mexico.

Nidec specializes in motor and motor control technologies for industries from power generation, to agriculture, to water treatment, and everything in between. Developing, innovating, and manufacturing the small motors that run your hand-held device, up to the large motors used in commercial, industrial, and mining equipment. Nidec takes pride in their work on “everything that spins and moves.” They’re the number 1 supplier of the efficient brushless DC motor.

Innovation fuels the forward-thinking momentum of Nidec. Always working towards “lighter, thinner, shorter, smaller” with the output you need. Nidec builds “motors for a brighter future,” proudly working to make tomorrow better in industries like electric vehicles and smart mobility, energy efficient home appliances, robots and machines, and agriculture and logistics.

And when you find that the culture of the company you’re purchasing from is just as important as the quality of the items you’re purchasing, Nidec has you covered. They’re a company that supports the communities they work in. Inclusion and opportunity are at the forefront of their business practices and they are committed to diversity at all levels of their workforce.

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