Looking for the right motor can sometimes be very difficult. The product you are looking for might be unavailable, out of stock, or simply obsolete. What can you do then? We can look for alternatives. With the 20k+ products listed on eMotors Direct, we made it simple for you to navigate the vast array of current and legacy products to help you find the motor you need.

If you are looking for an alternative for your motor, here is what you need to know:

Why use an alternative motor to replace your old motor?

People often replace motors when the cost of repairing the existing motor exceeds the cost of a brand new one. However, finding the exact match to replace your worn-out motor is not always possible. Companies are constantly improving on their existing models with newer technology. The old models become obsolete when newer models replace them. This makes finding a replacement difficult. There might be cases where you want to replace the old model with a more efficient or reliable one, either from the same brand or another. In other cases, the motor's price may be out of your budget, or you want to find a cheaper alternative. Fortunately, every motor can be replaced, but a few criteria need to match to help you find an alternative.

What are the major criteria you need to find an alternative?

A nameplate can provide much information on finding alternatives. Here are the main specifications needed:

  • Horsepower (HP): To perform the task, the output strength of the motor needs to be able to handle the workload.
  • Revolutions per Minute (RPM): The speed at which the motor rotates. Operating at the incorrect RPM may result in damage to the infrastructure.
  • Voltage: Motors are designed to operate at the voltage listed on the nameplate. If it is being operated out of the voltage range, it will damage the motor and the equipment.

If you have these 3 matching specifications, then the replacement motor should handle the operation your previous motor did. There are other relevant specifications you should consider.

Will these replace my old motors? Even if it is a different model?

A different model is generally compatible if the major specifications match. However, you need to be aware of a few more details to ensure the product is the right fit. These are the 5 additional criteria you should consider when finding a proper match:

  • Phase: This depends on the type of current you are getting from your power supply, whether it be 3-phase, single phase, or DC. Your motor will need the right input power supply, or else it won’t run.
  • Enclosure: If the motor is used in an environment that is not suitable for, it will damage the components and shorten its lifespan. It can be so dangerous in some severe situations that it can cause explosions if it does not have the proper enclosure.
  • Material: Like the enclosure, the motor's material must be suitable for your operation and its environmental hazards. For example, if your motor is exposed to potentially corrosive chemicals, having a resistive material like stainless steel will be an important consideration.
  • Frame: This determines the motor's dimensions, the length and diameter of the shaft, as some motors are custom-built for certain applications. Some motors may not fit in the application even if major specifications match. Always double check to ensure your motor can fit!
  • Mounting: How you mount your old motor is probably how you want to mount your replacement motor. Ensure you get a motor that has the same mounting if you plan on installing it the same way as before.

These are the basic specifications you want to match when selecting an alternative. If you find an alternative, with all these matching specs, you can be confident that it will be a suitable replacement for your old motor. If you need more information, our product webpage provides technical specifications and related documents, such as connection diagrams, drawings, data packs and manuals, etc.

Cross-Reference Search

With all the specifications needed to find a suitable motor, we understand it could be a time- consuming task, which is why we created this Cross-Reference Search. Our Cross-Reference Search shows you equivalent matches that have the same 8 specifications we mentioned above. This allows you to compare the same motor from different brands and lets you compare prices between alternatives, all on the same page. So, whether you are looking for the newest, most readily available, or best value, the cross-reference search gives you the power to analyze your choices faster and give you the confidence to pick the right motor.

We even took it a step further and created a library of legacy and discontinued products. So, if you want to find a replacement for a discontinued product, you can find a suitable alternative in our cross-reference matches.