How B2B Buying Has Changed

August 15, 2022

The B2B buying process has undergone a shift that models recent trends in online shopping and eCommerce. Customers are looking for a modern, seamless buying experience that combines high-quality website content with smooth, hassle-free product ordering and fast delivery.

The B2B Buying Evolution

In recent years, B2B buying has evolved from a relationship-focused model to prioritizing independent research and information-gathering from multiple online sources, involving sales representatives much later in the process than ever before.

Previously, a sales representative would develop a long-term relationship with a buyer, providing them with the information they needed to identify their requirements and make purchasing decisions. This would often begin with either the salesperson cold calling a prospective customer to discuss their needs or the customer reaching out to a supplier very early on in the purchasing process. Because the relationship was paramount, businesses placed less value on the content of their websites and more on having the right salespeople on their team who would be able to lead customers through the process of choosing products and ordering them.

Recently, the proliferation of high-quality information online has caused an adaptation of buying behaviour. Instead of depending on a sales representative to make a case for purchasing a product, buyers are conducting their own research, aided by large amounts of online content designed to help them make purchasing decisions. Buyers now look for companies that make information readily available to decrease information lead time.

This means that by the time a buyer reaches out to make an inquiry or initiate an order, they have completed most of the decision-making process without the supplier's direct involvement.

A Modern Buying Experience

B2B customers want to quickly find rich sources of content that they can cross-reference to drill down on exactly what they need and whom they should buy from. Instead of communicating with a sales representative, they search for articles and website content that demonstrates a clear understanding of who they are, what they need, and how to find it.

Because website content is so readily accessible, the competition for customers’ attention is high, and suppliers are pushed to find ways to improve the quality of their content and quickly provide value to website visitors who are considering purchasing their products.

This puts greater power in the hands of the buyer and improves the market overall.

Ultimately, prospective buyers are looking for suppliers who demonstrate a clear authority in their field, communicated through complete and accurate product information and supported by a team of technical experts.

Your One-Stop-Shop

Here at eMotors Direct, we’re much more than Canada’s largest supplier of electric motors, controls, gearboxes, and spare parts. We have a diverse team that combines expert electrical engineers and technicians with specialists in motors sales to create a unified, comprehensive source of high-quality information and products that meets our customers' needs and expectations.

Our online shopping experience offers smart search tools that cross-check product information and bring up product options to give you flexibility and choice in how you source your project materials. We offer complete and to-the-point product descriptions as well as product data sheets and brochures that give you and your colleagues all the information you need to make an informed decision.

We’re dedicated to enhancing your supply chain by assisting you at every level of your purchasing decision and providing the fast, smooth online shopping experience that you’ve grown accustomed to in your daily life.


At eMotors Direct, we’re at the forefront of an evolution in B2B buying that prioritizes high-quality information and smart digital tools that help you get straight to the products you’re looking for, saving you time, effort, and money.

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