Finding a Motor Replacement

March 13, 2023

Trying to find a replacement for a broken down motor?

This video covers finding your motor replacement whether you have the exact catalogue number or not.

We'll also show you how to order the product, find where the stock is located, and get a real-time quote for delivery time and cost. Ideally, you'll find your replacement motor in just a few minutes.

We ship out of 30 warehouses across Canada, so you can often receive the replacement in just 1-5 business days.

Loss of production, lack of replacement parts, and in some cases spoiled product all contribute to the stress we feel when replacing a motor. Our goal at eMotors Direct is to help you find your replacement with ease.

There are a few ways to find your replacement motor:

1. Search by catalogue number. You'll find your catalogue number on the nameplate of your motor. Type that into the top search at to see if we carry your motor replacement. We have the largest inventory in all of Canada, so we're confident we can find you an exact replacement or an equivalent alternative.

2. Search by product specifications. You'll find horsepower, voltage, RPM, and phase on your nameplate. These are the basic specs needed to start looking for your replacement. Visit to type in your specs. Once on the search page, filter further on the left side. Filter by enclosure type, mounting, frame size, and brand. You can also filter further based on your location. We carry TECO Westinghouse, Baldor, WEG, Max Motion, Leeson, Century, Marathon, Lafert, Nidec/US Motors, and other popular brands.

3. Once on the product page, type in your postal code to receive a shipping quote and timeline.

4. Scroll further to see cross-reference options. These are the exact alternatives to the product you're looking for.

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