HVAC Motor Series with HVACKnowItAll

August 23, 2023

In the fall of 2021, we partnered with Gary McCreadie of HVACKnowItAll.com on an HVAC motor series to bring our expert knowledge to his following.

You'll find links to the four-part series below:

How HVAC Motors Work

In this blog, we cover the basic operating principles of the most common HVAC motors you'll come across as an HVAC Technician.

  • Permanent Split Capacitor Motors (PSC Motors)
  • Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs)
  • Capacitor Start-Induction Run Motors (CSIR Motors)
  • Capacitor Start-Capacitor Run Motors (CSCR Motors)
  • Shaded Pole Motors

Learn more HERE.

Troubleshooting and Replacing HVAC Motors

In this blog, we cover the first signs of failure to watch for in HVAC motors, the important internal, external, and capacitor inspections to complete, and the top tips you need to replace your HVAC motor properly.

Learn more HERE.

Optimizing Your HVAC Motor Supply Chain

Improving the performance of your business includes optimizing your motor supply chain. Stop driving around town to the brick and mortar shop and start finding your motor replacements online. Save time and money to help improve your margins and keep your customers happy.

Learn more HERE.

How To Cross-Reference an OEM Motor

Time to replace the motor in your customer's HVAC system? Here's the information you need to decide if you want to purchase from the OEM or cross-reference that motor to find a cheaper and quicker to source option.

Learn more HERE.

The HVACKnowItAll Podcast

Our very own Christ Beaton and Cory Soetaert Joined Gary on his podcast to chat about HVAC motors and the industry in general.

Listen to the episode HERE.

About the HVACKnowItAll

For some, HVAC is not just a career, it is a way of life. HVAC Know It All was created by Gary McCreadie, a licensed refrigeration and gas technician, with three goals in mind: Learn. Teach. Entertain. All within a positive environment.

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