The motor nameplate provides the critical motor specifications and the catalogue number needed to replace a broken-down motor. In some cases, such as washdown applications, the nameplate will be laser-etched on the motor. However, in most cases, the nameplate is a sticker or a piece of metal bolted to the motor. If your nameplate is misplaced or damaged, how will you identify the rating information of the motor? Tom Bishop, an Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Senior Technical Support Specialist, takes us through the steps to determine motor characteristics if the nameplate is damaged or missing.

If repairing a motor and the nameplate is missing, follow these steps and adhere a new nameplate to the motor for future use.

  1. Determine frame dimensions

  2. Check lead connections

  3. Identify the number of poles

  4. Estimate power rating

For full article details, download the below EASA article.

Identifying Ratings Without A Nameplate.pdf