Electric motors do the physical work of moving air and driving compressors in HVAC systems, operating continuously for years, sometimes even decades, without regular maintenance. When equipment stops working, an HVAC technician must identify whether the motor has failed and often the motor is replaced instead of being repaired.

Diagnosing Motor Failure

HVAC systems fail for all kinds of reasons, and it’s important to make a correct diagnosis of the problem before ordering parts from your supplier. Testing the power supply and the motor is necessary to determine if it’s going to be an easy fix or a complete replacement. All you need is a multimeter and some basic tools.

To troubleshoot a non-working HVAC motor, you’ll need to go step-by-step over the power supply, bearings, motor windings, capacitors, electronics modules and any other components that manage the operation of the motor. While there are many possibilities for what could go wrong, performing a basic diagnosis will enable you to rule out different parts of the motor drive and quickly expose many of the most common fail states of HVAC systems, saving you and your client from the extra hassle and unnecessary expenditure. We’ve created an in-depth guide on Troubleshooting HVAC Motors to help you get started.

If you’ve thoroughly checked the motor and repair is not an option, it’s time to find a replacement.

Before Ordering Your Replacement Motor

Before you can order a replacement, you must identify what motor you’re dealing with. This information should be available on the nameplate that is attached to the motor body. If the nameplate is missing or corroded, it is possible to estimate the motor specifications by looking at the motor size, wiring and anatomy.

Utilize our Smart Search feature to quickly find replacement candidates. When you input key information about your motors, such as the brand name, voltage, speed, or horsepower, we cross-reference the information with other products in our extensive database of HVAC motors. This means you’ll not only find direct OEM replacement motors, but also a list of different choices that are compatible with the application that you are repairing.

From this list, you can choose based on brand name, performance, energy efficiency, and affordability, so that you are able to make a choice that not only fixes the problem but optimizes the outcome based on what is most valuable to you.

Ordering Your Motor

We’ve streamlined the process of ordering your motor and shipping it to you as quickly as possible.

When you create a profile with us, we immediately set you up with all the tools you need to manage your orders, including live tracking information, order history, a flexible payment options system and notifications on our biggest promotions and offers. As you progress through our loyalty program, earn benefits including free ground shipping on all orders for Canadian customers, price discounts and an additional warranty period for that extra reassurance.

Once you place your order, we ship from one of our many manufacturer warehouses located throughout Canada - whether you need the motor delivered to your head office or directly to your customer’s location. Our world-class distribution system enables you to get your motor delivered quickly so that you can get on with your business and maintain your bottom line.

Installing Your Motor

Once you receive your motor, installation is easy. Many of our HVAC motors feature flexible mounting attachments that enable them to be dropped into a wide range of different HVAC systems.


Once you’ve diagnosed your HVAC problem and identified that a motor replacement is needed, ordering a replacement is simple. Shop our online inventory or contact our motor experts for additional support.