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January 30, 2023


When your client needs a motor replacement, they rely on you to source the best and most cost-effective solution, fast. When you can’t buy direct from the manufacturer and need to go through a 3rd party instead, how do you know you’re getting the best price and lead time?

Meet Luke. Luke is the owner of a local motor shop in small-town Manitoba. He has about five hundred thousand in inventory in his warehouse and sources his motors directly from WEG, one of North America’s top electric motor manufacturers. But when his clients need a replacement from Baldor, Leeson, TECO, or one of the other big brands, Luke has to source the replacement from another motor shop.

A client calls and the motor for their air compressor has gone down; their business comes to a halt. The client requests that Luke gets the replacement motor from their preferred brand, Leeson.

Luke calls his usual source for Leeson motors. They don’t have the motor in stock, and they have to check around and call him back.

This is a problem Luke has faced before; the inventory in his local town is limited to what suppliers keep in their warehouses. And he’s never sure that he’s getting the best price.

The next day, Luke gets a callback. The motor his client needs is difficult to source, and delivery won’t arrive for another 2-3 weeks. He’s already lost a full day, and the price is significantly higher than he was expecting; this is going to eat into Luke’s margins.

Luke needs a better solution for his motor supply chain.

Luke remembers a call he received a few weeks back. An account manager from eMotors Direct had called to introduce himself, and he’d sent him an email with further information. Luke takes out his phone, finds the email, and clicks through to

He enters the motor catalogue number into the smart search feature, and the product appears. He enters his customer’s postal code and sees that the motor is available at four locations across Canada, including his province.

Luke scrolls further to find eight equivalent alternatives from other brands that are direct replacements for his customer’s motor. After searching through, he sees he’s selected the motor at the best price and with the shortest lead times. So, he adds it to his cart.

When he goes to check out online, he sees information about the Loyalty Rewards Program and decides to sign up. It takes him only a few moments to sign up, and he already sees great discounts. He checks his cart, and his order has gone from $1,248 down to $1147. He’s confident he has found the right solution and at the best price.

Two days later, the motor arrives at his customer’s location, and he goes to install it. Their air compressor is back up and running and in record time! His customer is super impressed.

A few days later, Luke gets a call from his eMotors Direct account manager, and they talk options to expand his inventory with more brands so he can help more customers in his area and grow his business. Luke is now confident he can offer more to his local customers without the back and forth with other motor shops.

We’ve aggregated all the manufacturer inventory across Canada so that you can make more informed buying decisions. Instead of accessing just your local supplier inventory, gain access to over $75 million worth of product across Canada. The information you need to buy your motor now is just a click away.

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