Supplier data is a critical component of the supply chain, enabling informed decision-making during the purchase, installation, and operation of new components. When supplier data is lacking or incorrect, the potential consequences can include lost production time, damage to existing infrastructure, and increased workload as operators scramble to fix the problem and get the right equipment installed.

By finding a supplier who understands the value of high-quality, accurate, and up-to-date data, you can avoid these pitfalls and save your business time and money.

Risks of Poor Data

When purchasing an electric motor or part, the supplier data is used to decide if that product is right for you. Information about the brand, model, dimensions, and other technical specifications enables you to choose products that will seamlessly fit into your current processes.

If that data is missing critical information or is incorrect or out of date, your productivity can be severely impacted in several ways.

Wasted Time

Finding, ordering, and receiving a part takes time. When you receive an incorrect part because of poor supplier data, you must go through sending it back, finding and verifying the correct part, and ordering the replacement. When you’re dealing with critical components that directly affect your productivity, this can cause extended shutdowns that result in missed deadlines and unhappy customers.

Infrastructure Damage

If the motor or part you have ordered is incorrect but is still physically compatible with your current infrastructure, the consequences can worsen. Besides the lost time spent disconnecting processes and performing installation, a part with the wrong technical specifications can damage the rest of your infrastructure and incur additional repair costs.

A motor that is too powerful can damage expensive motor controls, electrical systems, and gearboxes that are not able to withstand the current and torque that it produces. Similarly, if the motor is too weak, it can draw excessive current during start-up and even experience stalls that stress your electrical system to the breaking point.

And it’s not just motors. The wrong capacitors, gearboxes, and electronics can damage your motors, operate the load in unsafe ways, and increase the risk of an electrical fire from burnt motors, wiring, and electronics. They can also interfere with equipment operating anywhere on the electrical system, putting all your operations at risk.

Spoiled Inventory

Your spare motors and parts are the security that you can get things up and running quickly and maintain productivity when a component fails. Inventory transparency is key.

When you find out at a critical time that your spares are not what you ordered because of poor supplier data, the resulting delays can be disastrous for your business. Instead of moving forward quickly through the problem with minimal downtime, affected equipment and processes may lie dormant for days, pushing back your production schedules and interfering with your business operations.

What Causes Poor Data

Managing inventory data is a costly process. Creating, verifying, and updating information on thousands of products is time-consuming and requires great attention to detail. This task is crucial to ensure that our customers receive the correct product for their project application. Workers must be well-trained in the correct procedures for compiling product information.

Because manufacturers are consistently releasing more efficient models and retiring older, less efficient models, suppliers must maintain the product data. To decrease the risk of error, consider taking a hybrid automated and manual approach. This creates efficiencies while maintaining quality.

How We Do Business

Here at eMotors Direct, we pride ourselves on operating the most reliable and well-stocked supply of electric motors, controls, gearboxes, and spare parts in Canada. With more than 20,000 products in inventory across 30 warehouses in Canada, we can offer many different options, allowing you to price shop for the most economical motor.

Maintaining the highest quality data on all the products we offer is something we have invested in greatly over the years. We employ a team of expert technicians with extensive qualifications and experience to oversee our inventory, assist with your orders and enquiries, and find new cutting-edge products that will benefit you.

We compile extensive, well-vetted technical information on all our products, including electrical, mechanical, and warranty data and what type of hazardous locations a motor is rated for. This data is freely available to our customers in the form of datasheets, brochures, product manuals, and warranty documentation.


High-quality, up-to-date supplier data enables you to make the right decisions and avoid the risks of ordering and installing the wrong equipment at your site. At eMotors Direct, we have qualified experts with industry experience who compile our product information and assist you with your inquiries and orders.