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  • Do You Need an IEEE-841 Motor?

    So, should you consider an IEEE-841 electric motor for your application? What is it? What motors does it cover? And do you need it? We cover it all in this blog post. Read more!

    By Cory Soetaert

  • How to Size a VFD for a 3-Phase Motor

    In this blog, we discuss the factors you need to consider when finding a variable frequency drive (VFD) for your 3-phase electric motor. Read more!

    By Cory Soetaert

  • Replacing an Overloaded Motor

    Your motor has failed due to overload. Here are the next steps to take to replace your motor and how to keep everything within warranty guidelines for next time.

    By Chris Beaton

  • What Causes Motor Overload?

    Most, if not all, electric motor manufacturers do not provide a warranty if the product has been damaged due to overload. That is why you must understand what can cause motor overload, learn how to recognize it, and understand your intended application so you can avoid damage to your costly assets.

    By Cory Soetaert

  • Top Reasons Why Your Electric Motor is Overheating

    By Cory Soetaert

  • NEMA vs. IEC Motor Standards: What is the Difference?

    By Cory Soetaert

  • What is Service Factor and How is it Used?

    The service factor rating on your motor nameplate is an important rating from the manufacturer that helps you runs your motor at it's most efficient. It allows you to run in an overload situation without overheating and causing damages. Read more to learn how to extend your motor's life.

    By Cory Soetaert


  • Do You Need an IEEE-841 Motor?

    By Cory Soetaert · February 8, 2022
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    By Chris Beaton · January 4, 2022
  • HVAC Motor Series

    By Chris Beaton · December 7, 2021
  • The Electric Motor Supplier of Canada's Electrical Contractors

    By Chris Beaton · November 16, 2021
  • Power Consumption of a 3-Phase vs a Single-Phase Motor

    By Cory Soetaert · November 9, 2021
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