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A Japanese manufacturer of electric motors. Products built for small appliances to large manufacturing equipment.

Finding its roots in 1973 in a shed in a back yard, Nidec Motor Corporation (NMC) was created by a 4-man team and has grown to over 140K employees working out of 40 countries across the globe. They now operate out of Kyoto, Japan, with manufacturing plants in countries throughout the Asia’s and in Mexico.

Nidec specializes in motor and motor control technologies for industries from power generation, to agriculture, to water treatment, and everything in between. Developing, innovating, and manufacturing the small motors that run your hand-held device, up to the large motors used in commercial, industrial, and mining equipment. Nidec takes pride in their work on “everything that spins and moves.” They’re the number 1 supplier of the efficient brushless DC motor.

Innovation fuels the forward-thinking momentum of Nidec. Always working towards “lighter, thinner, shorter, smaller” with the output you need. Nidec builds “motors for a brighter future,” proudly working to make tomorrow better in industries like electric vehicles and smart mobility, energy efficient home appliances, robots and machines, and agriculture and logistics.

And when you find that the culture of the company you’re purchasing from is just as important as the quality of the items you’re purchasing, Nidec has you covered. They’re a company that supports the communities they work in. Inclusion and opportunity are at the forefront of their business practices and they are committed to diversity at all levels of their workforce.

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