Baldor ARB-1

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FILTER BAG FOR DC7, 8, 10, 12, 12-3
Catalog Number: ARB-1
Spec Number: FS34946
  • Baldor Grinders Accessories
  • Replacement Filter Bag
  • For Dust Control Units DC7, 8, 10, 12 and 12-3

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Other accessories for grinders

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  • Fits dust control units DC7, 8, 10, 12 and 12-3

Safety Notes

  • Do not collect potentially reactive materials without consulting (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association Standards.

Various attachments to transform grinders

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About Baldor

Baldor is particularly well known for the Super-E motor, which is a premium efficient (IE3) motor. This flagship product offers increased efficiency and cost savings for manufacturing plants, compared to high efficiency (IE2) motors.

Baldor industrial motors perform in rugged applications with safety and durability in mind. Their popular products include AC motors, DC motors, farm duty motors, crusher duty motors, and explosion proof motors.

Formerly known as Baldor Electric Company, now the US Motor Business Unit of ABB, Baldor manufactures electrical motors under the Baldor-Reliance brand. Having been a member of the ABB group since 2011, Baldor Electric Company unified with ABB in March of 2018. After the rebrand, they are now known as ABB Motor and Mechanical (Canada) Inc, although new motor nameplates still indicate 'Baldor Reliance' in Canada.

Baldor Electric Motors work out of headquarters based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Baldor Canada’s locations throughout the country provide applications, technical support, and distribution centres.

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