Plant Maintenance Practices and the Opportunity for Outsourcing

February 27, 2023

One of the key ways to keep your plant running smoothly and reduce downtime is to put some preventive and/or predictive maintenance processes in place. Below we'll go over the difference between the two, and then we'll take a look at maintenance outsourcing and how that can affect your plant's operation.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the regularly scheduled maintenance (such as adjustments, cleaning, lubrication, etc.) of a company's assets. Completing preventive maintenance plays a large role in preventing equipment from failing, ultimately minimizing equipment downtime and deterring unexpected costs.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance utilizes regular monitoring of company assets and provides service/maintenance based on pre-set criteria/conditions, providing service only when needed to prevent breakdown. This results in cost savings compared to preventive maintenance as service is completed only when required, minimizing downtime.

Maintenance Outsourcing

According to customer research conducted by EASA, it's within the standard practice for a plant to outsource maintenance tasks. Of the customers surveyed, 26% cited that they currently utilize outside contractors to complete their preventive maintenance practices. While 40% currently outsource their predictive maintenance tasks. When asked if they predicted a need for more maintenance task outsourcing in the future, EASA reported that 17% of those who outsource preventive tasks said yes, 26% of those who outsource their predictive tasks also agreed.

Electric Motor Maintenance and Repair

The numbers are much higher when looking into the service and repair of electric motors specifically. EASA reported that 72.2% of the customers surveyed currently outsource their electric motors' preventive and predictive maintenance. Whether this is due to restrictions caused by the lack of trained personnel or a lack of resources and time is not clear.

This means that plants need to keep a standing relationship with their local electric motor parts and repair shop. But that doesn't mean that downtime is effectively resolved. Plants are still restricted by the availability of parts and their local electric motor and accessories suppliers' operating hours. That's where eMotors Direct is here to help; we're where you go to buy electric motors online.

With over 45 years of experience, over 20 thousand products from your top trusted brands, and over 30 distribution centers across Canada – we have the resources to get you back up and running as conveniently and as quickly as possible.

Optimize Your Maintenance Practices with eMotors Direct

eMotors Direct's Motor Asset Management Consultation Program helps businesses like yours make more informed decisions about their motors and related equipment so that you can generate as much profit as possible off of your valuable machinery. Book one of our experts for a Motor Asset Management Consultation. We'll conduct an in-depth analysis of your motor risk factors, prepare a personalized report, and help ensure you have the correct strategies in place to decrease downtime and run at a high-efficiency.


At eMotors Direct, we strongly encourage our clients to have a preventive and/or predictive maintenance plan in place to ensure that their electric motors and accompanying accessories are always working in tip-top shape. And when a replacement is imminent, we'll help you get the product you need, fast.

Read more in this linked EASA article.

This article is posted with permission by EASA.

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