• A Hard-Hitting Pandemic and the Canadian Food Supply Chain

    If anything at all, the disruption to the Canadian food supply chain caused by the pandemic has revealed shortcomings in the supply chain and a massive opportunity for companies to embrace digitization. Rad the full article to read more!

    By Chris Beaton

  • Talk to the Experts

    Saturday, August 22nd, eMotors Direct’s first radio interview aired on 650 CKOM Saskatchewan Newstalk Radio. Listen to the episodes here.

    By Cory Soetaert

  • Pros and Cons of Electric vs Hydraulic Motors

    What are the pros and cons of electric vs hydraulic motors? We dig into the details to figure out when and for what applications each option is best suited for.

    By Chris Beaton

  • What Makes a Motor Farm Duty?

    While many electric motors can be used in agricultural applications, there are some key features “Farm Duty” motors have that help them work well in the harsh and rugged applications found on the farm. Read more!

    By Chris Beaton

  • Canada’s Top Farm Duty Motor Brands

    Find the best selection of high-quality and reliable farm duty motors brands designed to keep your farm operating at peak performance. Read more!

    By Cory Soetaert

  • Canadian Agriculture and the Pandemic

    The Canadian agriculture industry has proven its resilience once again. Learn how the pandemic has affected the Canadian agriculture industry. Read more!

    By Cory Soetaert

  • Replacing a Farm Duty Motor

    Farms are among the harshest environments for electric motors to operate in, even the toughest motors will wear out. By understanding why a motor fails, how to replace a farm motor, and preventing future incidents, you will maximize the reliability and minimize downtime.

    By Cory Soetaert

  • Maintenance Tips For Farm Duty Motors

    Farm duty motors operate heavy machinery around the clock in harsh environments, where corrosion, wear, and overheating are constant dangers. These maintenance tips will help you operate at peak performance, reduce downtime, and save money.

    By Cory Soetaert

  • Farm Motor Safety

    Maintaining strict safety protocols around farm duty motors helps protect you, your family, your employees, and your valuable livestock ensuring that your farm is a safe and productive environment season after season.

    By Cory Soetaert

  • Maintaining Your Industrial Motor in the Winter

    Cold winter climates create a range of electric motors issues. With a clear understanding of these issues and how they arise, along with the right preparation and maintenance, risks can be minimized or avoided altogether to maintain productivity throughout the cold season.

    By Chris Beaton


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    By Chris Beaton · December 7, 2021
  • The Electric Motor Supplier of Canada's Electrical Contractors

    By Chris Beaton · November 16, 2021
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