KB Electronics KBMG-212D

KBMG SCR Regen Reversing Drive - Chassis 1-1/2 HP 90V (No.8831)
Catalog Number: KBMG-212D
Part Number: 8831
3/4, 1 1/2
Input Voltage
115V, 230V
Output Voltage
90V, 180V
Input Phase


Our selection of KB Electronics DC drives offers a wide variety of drives for DC motor variable speed control. Select a drive rated for fractional HP up to 5 HP rated motors and a large selection of input and output voltage ratings. They feature enclosures from chassis to NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X.


This product requires a resistor and fuse. Please include the HP and voltage of the motor that the drive will use with. This will be included with your drive.

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KB Electronics: KBMG - DC Drive (2)

KBMG-21D1/12, 1/6115V, 230V90V, 180V1Chassis $288.68
KBMG-212D3/4, 1 1/2115V, 230V90V, 180V1Chassis $316.39


The KBMG Series of DC Drives are rated for 1/100 to 2 horsepower. This chassis ultra-compact, full-wave regenerative drive is capable of operating DC PM or Shunt motors in a bidirectional mode. Its 4-quadrant operation provides forward and reverses torque in both speed directions. A 5k ohm potentiometer is included.

eMotors Direct’s stock of DC drives are for use with direct current power and DC motors. The simple design allows for motor speed control by adjusting the voltage of the supply power. They are ideal for situations where low speed, torque, and power are required. Cost-effective, user-friendly, and offering precise control, DC motor drivers are easy to implement on your industrial motor projects.

Our DC drive category covers the latest DC control technology, giving you a complete selection of single-phase and DC power input options. Horsepower options start at fractional HPs up to 7 ½ HP. Select the appropriate enclosure type for your application from chassis, NEMA 1, NEMA 4, NEMA 4/12, and NEMA 4x. Designed for various industries from agriculture to automation to fabrication and beyond, our offering of dc motor speed controllers is from the top brands, KB Electronics and Leeson.

Shop DC motor speed controllers online through our Canadian website today. With over 55 SKUs and convenient filtering options, you can easily find the DC drive you’re searching for.

Need a hand finding the right motor speed controller for your application or legacy replacement?  Contact our motor experts today. They have extensive knowledge, backed by over 45 years of experience, to help you with your electric motor project.

Electrical Data
HP CT Rating
3/4, 1 1/2 HP
HP VT Rating
115V, 230V
90V, 180V
Max CT Current
Max VT Current
Hz Range
Physical Data
1 lb
Ambient Temp
Additional Data
Agency Approvals
cUL & CE
Country of Origin

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